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Life-Changing Retreats for women

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Kaliyoga Wellness & Yoga Retreat - Spain

September 22~28

from £1875 with private en-suite room

Are you feeling rundown, disconnected and lacking in energy?

If you're feeling uninspired by your daily routine, if you're eager to release the past and embrace the present fully, if you yearn to shed self-limiting beliefs and unconscious habits that hinder your dreams, then this retreat is for you.

Your Time to Thrive is a personalised retreat led by expert facilitators Kim Chandler and Sofia Abalos. Designed to bring about profound inner peace and healing, every activity is tailored to your needs. You will be gently guided through your inner landscape towards a more integrated, grounded and uplifted sense of wellbeing, free from self-sabotaging beliefs and habits that may be preventing you from attracting healthy, loving relationships.

Highlights of this Retreat

What you will gain from this personalised retreat

Our expert facilitators will guide you in changing your mindset, fostering authenticity, and conquering life's challenges. Experience inner transformation within an intimate group setting, surrounded by peaceful surroundings. Enjoy rest, daily support, and nourishing plant-based cuisine sourced locally. Join this retreat for profound clarity and transformation, gaining the tools you need for future healing and depart feeling unburdened, vibrant, inspired, and with a clear perspective.

Meet Your Hosts

Kim Chandler

Kim is a multi talented healing practitioner with decades of experience. Her qualifications include Diplomas in Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy. Kim is also an NLP Master Practitioner and has been supporting guests at Kaliyoga for over 12 years.

Why Kim loves this work

"I find immense joy in guiding individuals towards profound relaxation, personal growth, and transformation, witnessing their sense of contentment. The journey of each person, from their arrival to departure, fills me with gratitude. Together with Sofia, a remarkable therapist, we aim to lead individuals on an inner journey towards improved mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing."

Sofia Abalos

An experienced holistic practitioner, Sofia specializes in Mizan Therapy and Systematic Kinesiology, addressing root causes of imbalances. Mizan Therapy nurtures the body, particularly addressing menstrual, reproductive, and digestive issues, while fostering a connection to femininity. Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing to evaluate body functions across structural, nutritional, energy, and emotional realms, supported by extensive research. Sofia identifies imbalances and guides the body to release tension, creating a safe space for emotional processing. Sessions focus on embodied healing, offering tools for continued healing.

Why Sofia loves this work:

"Finding & opening up root cause imbalances brings lightness, vitality & health back into your life, heart and body, moving deeply to facilitate inner transformation.

I admire Kim's capacity to connect deeply and her ability to create a feeling of security and togetherness within the group. Together we aim to support participants to discover what they need to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives".

Each day features individual sessions and group activities that evolve gently, in harmony with participants needs. A typical day flows like this -

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