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Yoga & Meditation

Somatic Embodied Yoga

This is a powerful yet subtle practice that increases sensory awareness whilst releasing mental and physical tension. The experience makes you feel more connected, simply by noticing how the whole body and mind respond as you move through the different postures. Somatic yoga releases you from physical stagnation and old habits that no longer serve you, bringing you back into the flow of life.

More healing than exotic fitness stretching, somatic yoga strengthens the relationship between mind and body, improving your alignment, your mental focus and helping you to live in harmony with yourself and others.

As you focus on the sensations in your body moment by moment, self-judgement is replaced with a clearer, more compassionate perspective. This is different from everyday thinking – where you might be dwelling on old troubles or glories, or fast-forward to wishful future pleasures. The more you sink into your body and bring awareness to your breath, the more your mind surrenders and becomes focused in the timeless present.

This practice of yoga literally re-minds you to live from a state of easy presence, tuning in to what is actually happening in the here and now.

By incorporating this practice into daily life, you will learn to listen to your heart, trust your body, love your mind, and gain higher levels of energy, clarity and balance.

Guest Testimonials

“One of the best yoga instructors I have ever practised with – lots of knowledge & passion for yoga. The teachings seem to come directly from the heart.” Radhika, 2022

“Words fail me. It was the most incredible, spiritual, physical and enlightening experience.”

Lorraine 2022

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