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Born in Siberia to musical parents, Lia fell in love with yoga at a young age. With a thirst for deeper understanding she travelled the world and immersed herself in many different yoga methods and teachings. Since then she has hosted yoga retreats in Africa, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Switzerland, Sardinia and the Maldives.

Lia aims to inspire Kaliyoga’s guests to build an authentic home practice, drawing on all that she has learnt – Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Hormonal balance, Meditation, Ayurveda and Self Massage – to deliver a yoga course suitable for all ages and abilities.

From the first moment that you meet Lia, she exudes a positive, loving energy. In the yoga class she is always ready to support each person according to their individual needs. Yogic breathing is the key to unlocking the hidden power of yoga and Lia focuses in particular on synchronising breath with movement, delivering a dynamic yet meditative experience with detailed instruction and physical adjustments when needed.

After a retreat of yoga with Lia your understanding of yourself will deepen to so that you will feel more peaceful, more at ease and grounded, ready to establish a nourishing home practice that will bring balance and joy to your daily life.

Lia also offers holistic treatments

Facial Yoga

Whilst recovering from an accident that required facial surgery and inspired by the youthful beauty of her 76 year old aunt, Lia studied facial massage techniques that both healed and enhanced her complexion.
In a private facial yoga session focused on your specific cosmetic requirements, Lia will share the secrets of a results focused daily facial yoga routine. Combining elements of Japanese lymphatic massage, facial muscular fitness and facial yoga, you can cultivate radiant, nourished skin, shining eyes, relaxed but toned facial muscles and improved jaw definition. If practiced daily, this method really works.

Deep Somatic Release

As you relax and focus on slow abdominal breathing, Lia will guide your body through a sequence of passive stretches that will release muscular tension and help to re-set your nervous system into a state of deep relaxation. Without putting any stress on the muscles, these stretches are held for about 15 minutes which is long enough to be fully absorbed by the nervous system. Focusing on letting go, the result of these long held stretches will be a profound sense of wellbeing. Benefits include better sleep, an increase in vitality, reduced stiffness and improved flexibility.

Metabolic Core Yoga

Metabolic Core Yoga sessions help to boost your metabolism for sustainable weight control, increased energy and overall health.
After an initial consultation to discuss your physiology, Lia will create an enjoyable, sustainable yoga sequence that you can integrate into your daily life.
Benefits of a bespoke daily yoga practice include: Improved metabolism, hormone balance via the breath, a strengthened core,  improved posture,
detoxification of the organs, strengthened pelvic floor muscles, improved mental clarity, memory and focus.

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