Yoga & Meditation

In our spacious yoga studio with panoramic views

Yoga & Meditation

What You Can Expect

At Kaliyoga you can expect a dynamic hatha yoga morning practice that is both grounding and energising, and an evening practice of Somatic Yin Yoga, a subtle yet powerful  self-inquiry that releases mental, emotional and physical tension.

Both yoga methods encourage meditation in motion that fosters a deep communion with self, focusing awareness of physical sensation, tethering the mind to the physical body, breath by breath, feeling fully present in the here and now.

As we become more present, more embodied, the ability to concentrate increases the pleasure of stability and ease, leading to the original purpose of yoga : somatic understanding of body-mind-breath-spirit.

By the time you leave Kaliyoga we hope that the insight you have gained will be an incentive to continue practicing at home. 

Yoga Journey

Before I started practicing & teaching yoga I had been working in a bank for 10 years and I was completely integrated in that “stress system”. After a while my body began to react strongly to that environment with panic attacks and other symptoms.

In 2014 my brother gave me a gift of a Hatha yoga course. I immediately fell in love with yoga & meditation and the effects were so strong that I gave up my job at the bank and I embarked on a traditional Hatha yoga teacher training course. Soon I was teaching yoga to my friends so that I could practice every day until I started teaching professionally. I met new people who introduced me to a deep meditation & inner transformation process and I moved to Órgiva to be part of a community where I taught yoga and led retreats.

My teaching comes from a place of inner experience, practicing yoga as a tool for relaxation, grounding and spiritual understanding. In order to help others find the key to inner peace and experience, I present yoga as it is intended : embodied understanding of body-mind-breath-spirit.

Yoga Background

2015-2016: Traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Budapest – Hungary with Omkar Veres András

2017-2019: Meditation and Inner transformation with Quentin Disneur spiritual master in community life –  Órgiva – Spain 

2019-2022: Yin Yoga studies with Kassandra Reinhardt. Structural Yoga Therapy studies with Mary Bartel (lineage of Mukunda Stiles) 

2022-2023: Gentle Somatic Yoga teacher  training – James Knight   

2023-2024: The Dynamic Yoga Method, founded by Godfrey Devereux.

Kaliyoga - Boogie Yoga Teacher


2023 – 2024 : Yoga teacher – Kaliyoga Wellness Centre, Spain. 

2020-2022 : Yoga Therapist online private lessons in Hungarian, French, English

2019-2020 : Yoga teacher – Jóga Bogival Studio, Budapest.  

2017-2019 : Yoga teacher – Spain, Órgiva Livha Retreat Centre with Quentin Disneur

2015-2017 : Yoga teacher – Hungary (self employed) – Home Studio, Budapest 

2015 : Yoga teacher – Greece, Rhodes – Pink Wave Agency

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