Holistic Treatments - Spain

Our team of world-class therapists offer you insightful healing and deep relaxation

Treatments cost: 1 hr €60 / 1.5 hrs €75

Bio Magnetic Pair Therapy

Special magnets balance blood PH and are proven to eradicate a broad range of conditions from candida to parasites

Celia Garcia Gomez

Chiropractic Alignment and Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Matt Hopkins

Cranial Sacral Neuro Emotional Technique

Beata Alexander

Deep Tissue Massage

Patricia Seymour

Full Body Massage with Lymphatic Drainage

Lesley Craig

Mind-Body Acupuncture

Yair Saigy

Naturopathy and Nutrition

Rebecca Jones – Natural Nutritionist


Anna Bartholomew

Sound Healing Gong Bath

Kimberley Chandler

Thai Yoga Massage

Arantza Puente

Quantum SCIO

The Quantum SCIO diagnoses physical & emotional symptoms and tests for food intolerances, allergies, nutritional deficiencies

Pablo Perez Mendez