Only The Best Ingredients

An opportunity to spend a week reconnecting in a holistic way, supported by bountiful natural food. Happily, our approach has always been to provide a huge variety of food, so at each meal you’ll find a range of delicious plant-based dishes to suit most palates.

We also give you cutting-edge advice about raw food and superfoods for lean and healthy living, and we have some great recipes for you to try at home. If you require special ingredients for a restricted diet, please bring your ingredients with you and advise us before you arrive. There are two excellent health food shops in the nearby town of Orgiva. There is also a good homeopathic pharmacy.


At Kaliyoga we offer weeks for self-enquiry, reconnecting body-mind in a holistic way, surrounded by bountiful nature. Supporting this vision, we offer a wide range of delicious natural foods that cleanse and energise, 100% vegetarian and we also cater for vegan and GF requirements.

If you have been diagnosed by your health practitioner with a severe food allergy and you are concerned whether we can cater to your needs, please talk with us before you complete your booking.

“I would definitely recommend Kaliyoga and will return. The vibe here is great. The food is awesome! They are brilliantly talented with raw food.”

Juice Fasting Detox

Natural cleansing techniques & supplements

A week of organic juice fasting and physical cleansing in the beautiful mountains of Andalucia is the perfect way to reduce stress, lose weight and return to a happier, healthier, more confident you. We respect that your health needs are unique and we are more than happy to adjust our program to suit you as an individual – this helps you to get the most out of your detox week. All juice meals are supplemented with Omega 3 Oil for essential fatty acids and psyllium husks to assist in cleansing.


Raw Food Workshops

Our workshops are a unique opportunity for you to learn more about diet and wellbeing.

You will be introduced to a wide variety of superfoods which are nutrient-rich to nurture your body and delight your palate: spirulina, maca, hemp, acai, chia, bee pollen & barley grass. We share with you up-to-date nutritional facts about superfoods that boost your immune system, as well as foods that regulate your mood and energy levels. A raw superfood diet can also trigger long term weight control and helps reduce cravings. You are invited to watch and learn in the kitchen.
Improve your vegetarian cookery skills, make a raw dessert, learn about nutrition or simply try something different, Kaliyoga workshops are a fun way to broaden your culinary art.
Learn how to make Superfoods that are good for you and will not make you put on weight. Participants are skillfully guided to create edible heaven – enjoy a hands-on taste adventure.
Take this opportunity to gain confidence with raw or cooked vegetarian dishes by preparing a complete meal with our nutritionist’s expert advice and you will have the pleasure of eating it.

Some of our recipes – our Cookbook