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Tashi Dawa is an experienced and talented yoga teacher who has been on the mat for over 25 years and teaching at Kaliyoga since 2010. She is much loved for her graceful guidance, leading classes that are skillful, vigorous, life-affirming and fun.

Although the sequences are based on the ashtanga vinyasa method – for which she is authorised to teach at intermediate level – Tashi guides her retreat classes in a playful workshop style. Expect to explore and take home powerful movement, meditative and breath techniques that restore and reset the mind and body.

Famous for her ability to customise her sessions for those in the room, we love the way she weaves classical sequences with functional movement and creative physical play.

Tashi’s classes are suitable for those at the beginning of their yoga practice as well as those looking to deepen their understanding. She’s a brilliant guide at every level and you’ll be amazed at how far you can progress on our retreats under her expert guidance.

Structure and sequence

We use the structure of Ashtanga Vinyasa in class, taking the time to break each pose down, allowing the body and mind to fully integrate the subtleties of each posture. This teaching method helps you to relate deeply to the nature of cause and effect in your body, mind, and breath. This brings fresh energy into the organs and muscles and awakens you into a deeply satisfying awareness of being.

This yoga method is not an attempt to make anything happen; rather it is an enquiry into the possibility to see more clearly what is actually happening. This enquiry helps us to understand that although we may feel trapped in habitual thoughts and behaviour, the awareness from which we see that is always free, always here.

During our yoga posture practice, we amplify our ability to feel life, moment by moment, and to be fully aware of the sensations generated by the intelligence of our body. This approach leads us to an intimate familiarity with what is permanent, so we are liberated from feeling bound by things that are temporary and impermanent.

Beginners often find they can experience the essence of yoga during their very first lesson

“Tashi is an amazing teacher, I learned so much from her in such a short space of time.” Bindya, London

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