The Basics

Q. What is included in the price?

The following are included in the published price, all on-site at the retreat location
Accommodation for 6 nights
All meals made with love by our cooks
All yoga classes taught with love by our teachers
Swimming pool, infra-red sauna, bicycles

Optional extras
Therapeutic treatments
Skills workshops (cookery, 1-to-1 yoga, nutrition)
Guided excursions by car, by bicycle and on foot

Your travel is at your own cost
Wwe are happy to arrange your travel to and from the airport.
Travel Arrangements page

Q. Payment / Currency?

Our prices are in GB pounds sterling
Payments Accepted:
Online payment by credit card or debit card, any currency
Bank transfer – contact us for IBAN and SWIFT/BIC details
Please note: If you pay by bank transfer we may notify you if there is a discrepancy between the amount received and the balance owed


Q. Are yoga classes taught in different languages?

Many of our staff are bi-lingual, but the common tongue at Kaliyoga is English.

Q. How many classes per day?

There are 2 classes per day – morning & evening – with a guided meditation before or after the morning class.
On two evenings there is usually a featured activity with the teacher to deepen your reterat expereince.
One evening yoga class is free time, usually Friday.

Q. Are yoga classes suitable for beginners?

Yes, classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience.

Q. I have done other yoga styles, but I have never done “mindful” yoga before!

All of our teachers have studied different methods of yoga practice and they are grounded by their technical skills and their extensive personal and student teaching practice.
Beginners are always welcome and experienced yogis will be able to connect more deeply to inner stillness within movement.

The Food

Q. Do you cater for alternative diets?

Our cuisine is mainstream/gourmet vegetarian, but we can cater for vegans and coeliacs.

Q. Do you cater for allergies?

Please use the booking form to advise us of any ingredients that would affect your health in a serious allergic way. We recommend you consult your homeopath for a remedy before you arrive.

Q. Will I get enough protein?

Yes, our cuisine contains a balanced amount of dietary protein in vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, avocados and some cheese (feta, mozzarella, goat’s).

Q. Is there any meat?

No. Our menu is 100% vegetarian.

Q. Is there alcohol and coffee?

A retreat is an opportunity to regain bodily health and mindful balance. We do not serve coffee and alcohol. If you are tempted by the need for coffee and alcohol, we recommend that you reduce consumption several days before you arrive.

Transport &

Q. Kaliyoga can arrange Group Transfers from the airport to the venue!

See Travel for details.

Q. Is there car directions on Google Maps?

Search for ‘Kaliyoga Retreats in Italy’

Q. Should I book my transfers before I arrive?

Yes – email us your itinerary: italy@kaliyoga.com

Q. Will I need to rent a car?

A car is not necessary, but can be handy to get to the beach (20-30mins).

Q. Can I get to there by public bus?

– On Sundays, there are limited bus and no train services in the area. Please contact the Italy team at least 48 hours before you arrive and they can advise you on the timetables (which are also available on www.fseonline.it)


*All bedrooms have comfy beds, quality linen and climate control. Bedrooms are cleaned every day and towels are changed mid-week.

Q. Are there hair dryers in the rooms?


Q. Are there mosquitos?
  • Like most Southern European areas there are some mosquitos in the summer months, but we usually have a light breeze blowing in this area, which keeps them at bay for the most part. We provide mosquito plug-ins and fans for your rooms, and most bedroom windows have nets.
Q. Is the venue private?

The venue is completely private for the exclusive use of Kaliyoga guests and staff.

Get the most
from your retreat!

Q. What can I do to prepare?

Some basic preparation before you come will make a big difference to the quality of your experience. We highly recommend that you make an effort to cut down on alcohol, caffeine, sugar, tobacco, red meat and dairy. You do not need to do loads of yoga before you arrive to prepare for the yoga course. You just need to have basic fitness and a beginners mind. Even if you are an experienced yogi, you will be going back to basics to remind you of what you may have forgotten.

Before your
journey begins

Q. What to bring

– in summer bring light clothing, sunglasses, UV skin protection, a wrap or shawl for meditation
– in cooler seasons bring a warm jacket / shawl
– you don’t need to bring a yoga mat, we have all yoga equipment here
– you can connect your laptop to our wi-fi internet (free)
– mobile phone reception is very good here, but we ask you to use your phone sparingly and quietly away from other guests
–  your travel insurance
– Walking shoes
– comfy shoes for the evening
– small rucksack or day bag for walks
– lightweight waterproof raincoat
–  yoga clothes: Loose, warm, comfortable

Q. What NOT to bring

– yoga equipment and mats
– bath and pool towels

The Extras

Q. Do you provide toiletries?

– We provide bodywash in each bathroom, but please bring your own shampoo, conditioner and lotions etc.

Q. What is Kaliyoga's typical guest profile?

We welcome all nationalities, all ages, all genders, all creeds.
Beginners, runners, newbies, and skeptics… all are welcome. Yoga is for everyone.
A physical impairment does not necessarily exclude you from participating in yoga classes – please email or call us to discuss options.
The balance of women & men/singles & couples varies from week to week, but generally, there are more women than men and more singles than couples.
The average age range is typically 25-55 yrs; there is no maximum age.
The minimum age is 12.

Q. Can I stay for more than one week?

It is usually not possible to stay extra days before or after your retreat, but of course, it is possible to book more than one week in a row.

Q. Is there a safe place for my valuables/passport etc?


Q. Is there internet and mobile phone reception?

Yes, but you are requested not to bring mobile devices to meals or to yoga classes.

Mobile phone reception is reasonable. Please use your phone sparingly and away from other guests.

Internet / Mobile phone / Digital devices / Photography

We invite you to enjoy going unplugged during your retreat and this will also support others who wish to do the same. If you need to use your phone or portable device, please do so in the privacy of your room. Photography with mobile phones is ok, but please be discrete and remember to ask your fellow guests whether they mind being in your photos so that everyone has a choice.

Swimming pool

Q. Is the pool heated? The pool is seasonal – i.e. naturally heated by the sun.

Q. How big is the pool? The pool is 13m long x 9m wide.


Spring 20C • Summer 28C • Autumn 20C • Winter 10C

Your health

Q. I suffer from ME/ chronic fatigue/ I am recovering from a serious illness – is this retreat appropriate for me?

Kaliyoga retreat can be hugely beneficial to ME sufferers. Our excellent holistic practitioners are here to help you to explore new healing modalities. Deep relaxation whilst on retreat is essential to recovery.
NOTE: Please discuss your condition with us before you book. For certain conditions, a doctor’s authorization may be necessary. See Terms & Conditions

Q. Free Time - Should I book holistic therapy sessions in advance?

There is no need to book in advance. Holistic treatments are available Monday- Friday during your stay.

Digital Detox - Managing your online devices

On a yoga retreat it is good practice to switch mobile devices off or use flight-mode during mealtimes, yoga classes and at the pool. Switching off at other times can support everyone who wishes to unplug mentally from being online 24-7. When you need to make a call or connect to the web whilst on retreat, please connect in your room, or in the library, or find a quiet spot in the garden.

Useful Information

Natural therapy treatments are available every day, subject to availability. Treatments are explained in detail at the beginning of the retreat and if you want some help in choosing which therapies to have, we are happy to guide you according to your needs.