At Kaliyoga we offer weeks for self-enquiry, reconnecting body-mind in a holistic way, surrounded by bountiful nature. Supporting this vision, we offer a wide range of delicious natural foods that cleanse and energise, 100% vegetarian and we also cater to vegan and GF requirements.

If you have been diagnosed by your health practitioner with a severe food allergy and you are concerned whether we can cater for your needs, please talk with us before you complete your booking.

Come and enjoy a wide range of delicious natural cleansing foods, all prepared fresh, with an extra helping of love.

Eat light, feel healthy

Many people prefer to avoid over-eating whilst on retreat, as it can interfere with the process of reconnecting to oneself. This is why we offer a high quality substantial brunch, afternoon tea and a light evening meal. Our meals are purposefully light, intended to be eaten slowly and mindfully and are carefully planned by a nutritionist to offer maximum nourishment. Fruit and nuts are available all day for those who require additional sustenance.

Abundant, nutritious, delicious, high-energy

Puglia is known as the garden of Italy because of its delicious and abundant natural produce. It is also the home of Italian olive oil and glorious fresh cheeses. Your experience at Kaliyoga will not only leave you feeling fresh and healthy, but you will leave with some new knowledge about eating for a healthier life.

“Food Amazing, incredibly balanced,

elegant and deeply relaxing”

Nutrition Workshop

We offer informative workshops for you to learn more about the concept and ingredients of our cuisine. Cost 25€

Eating Together

We cater to vegans, vegetarians, coeliacs, so no worries there.

We eat communally, usually outdoors on the terrace, sometimes on the balcony of the Masseria, and on cooler days we eat in the Trullo dining room. Brunch and tea are always self-service. Supper is either served at table or buffet style, according to the menu.

Coffee and Alcohol

A retreat is an opportunity to regain bodily health and mindful balance. We do not serve coffee and alcohol because they affect digestion and they are an obstacle to the realisation of inner peace. If you are tempted by the need for coffee and alcohol, you can go out to a cafe, but we recommend that you limit consumption.