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    Yoga & total wellbeing in Puglia, Italy

    ‘The most beautiful region in the world’ – National Geographic

    Welcome to Puglia

    At our gorgeous venue in the beautiful Puglia region of southern Italy, our retreats cater to those seeking genuine rest from physical and mental overload.

    Your choice of accommodation either in our restored 17th-century country farmhouse (masseria), or in one of several chic trullo apartments with iconic pointy roofs.

    Mindful Yoga is the house speciality, taught by our own in-house teachers, all experienced and highly respected by the yoga community.

    In addition to morning and evening yoga classes, you can enjoy therapeutic treatments in the afternoons, including Thai yoga massage, reflexology, sports massage, gong sound bath, hot stone massage, and healing sessions with our Gestalt and Ayurvedic consultants.

    For those who appreciate good food, the quality of our 100% vegetarian cuisine is an unexpected joy. We serve delicious Mediterranean fare – 3 meals per day – with optional hands-on workshops for foodies.

    Optional activities in nature include guided cycling, guided nature walks, beach trips and cultural trips e.g. to Matera, Cisternino, Alberobello.

    The price of your retreat includes superb cuisine, comfortable accommodation, a flexible program of yoga classes and other activities where indicated – all delivered with love, care and grace by our devoted team.


    International Guests

    Our many international guests refer to Kaliyoga as the best place to rest, to meet up with old friends and forge new relationships.

    Yoga – packed with wisdom and insight

    Our morning classes offer a much needed opportunity to deconstruct and reflect on your practice, away from the constraints of normal life. We invite you to review the way you move during the course of your stay, taking time to slow down, investigate each pose and allow body and mind to absorb the subtleties. We move through each sequence with grace and strength, unraveling tension in muscles and mind.   Here you have time and space to develop a self-practice, by bringing awareness to your movements, awakening your intuition and reconnecting with your breath. At the end of each day we come together again to practice in a nurturing, restorative way.

    Heavenly Food

    Our delicious menu will bring pleasure to your taste buds

    A copious brunch follows the morning yoga practice, followed by a mid-afternoon tea cake snack. After the evening yoga session we gather for mocktails and supper.

    Therapeutic Treatments

    Massage, healing, understanding and stress-relief

    Cycle Tour (optional)

    Highly recommended

    During your stay, you may like to try some natural health treatments. Our exceptionally gifted massage and therapy team is available every day for a wonderfully nurturing experience that would be hard to beat anywhere in the world.
    On the cycling tour you will see many of Puglia’s iconic Trullo houses, olive terraces and gently rolling hills.

    If cycling is not your thing, there are safe local walks (with or without a map) and even a very grateful dog for company.

    “Excellent yoga, accessible, satisfying, challenging but not threatening. Reinvigorated my interest in yoga, a renewed sense that life is beautiful. Food too divine!!”

    Rooms and spaces

    The retreat and accommodation are located in a 17th century property within 4 hectares of cultivated, private land.
    Facilities include a spacious octagonal yoga studio, outdoor swimming pool, kitchen & dining terrace, private patios, lavender garden and vineyard.

    Accommodation is in the Masseria (white farmhouse) and a cluster of iconic Trullo apartments.  The Trullo, unique to Puglia, is a circular stone cottage with a pointy roof. The whole property has a sensual appeal that heightens one’s sense of delight and relaxation. Domesticated farm cats live outdoors and are sometimes fond of a cuddle, as do our splendid farm dogs and a donkey.

    Your Travel Arrangements

    Local Area Info

    We are situated in the Itria Valley, one of the most striking landscapes of Puglia. This landscape is bright and elemental with endless dry-stone walls, neat vineyards, and ancient olive trees spiraling up from dark red soil and punctuated by the distinctive cone-shaped roofs of the trullo houses.

    In your free time, you can walk or cycle across this gently rolling countryside towards local towns Martina Franca (3 km) or Locorotondo (4 km). Take some time to explore these two beautiful Baroque towns, visit the shops, wander through the weekly market or just stop and relax with a coffee or ice cream.

    The morning practices are where we unravel the hidden nature of each pose, construct and deconstruct vinyasa, tune in to our breath, become stable in body and enjoy practicing together, with adjustments given individually by the teacher.
    The evening practices are nurturing, restorative and meditative.
    Our food
    We offer a wide range of delicious natural foods to cleanse and energise, 100% vegetarian + vegan options. GF, LF, SF, alcohol-free. We offer a substantial brunch, afternoon tea and a light evening meal, all balanced and beautifully crafted by our in-house nutritionist.
    Our rooms
    Single and/or shared rooms are in the main house (17th century masseria) and a cluster of trullo apartments which are unique to this region – iconic circular stone cottages with conical roofs. The retreat is located in 4 hectares of private land with a walled swimming pool, lavender field and an octagonal yoga studio.
    Our treatments
    Our exceptionally gifted massage and therapy team is available every day for a wonderfully nurturing experience that would be hard to beat anywhere in the world.
    Things to see & do
    • Cycle tour with guide; or self-guided
    • Walking
    • Beach trips
    • Matera – European City of Culture
    • Relax with new friends
    • Chill by the walled outdoor pool

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