Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats
Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats

Yoga teachers in Spain


Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats


Lely brings warmth and focus to body, mind & heart in the morning Mindful Vinyasa classes, easing us into our innermost intelligence and enlivening our Yang qualities of creativity and engagement. Afternoon sequences are restorative Yin-style yoga to re-hydrate connective tissue, juice up the joints and balance us out by opening up our contemplative, receptive & intuitive qualities.

Always curious to uncover new and ancient ways to embody our yoga so that it may support us both on and off the mat, Lely infuses her classes with yogic nutrients that inspire & motivate, balance & recalibrate, whilst developing our attention (our most powerful ‘muscle’), so that we can enliven prana  & hold space for the diversity within & around us.

Lely trained as a yoga teacher over 20 years ago with the Sivananda school in India and has also studied Dynamic Yoga Method with Godfrey Devereux and Insight  Yoga and Yin Yoga with with Sarah Powers.

A regular yoga practice can dispel anxiety, doubt and depression

Many people are initially introduced to yoga for stress relief. The cause of stress is an inability to cope with activity. Intuitively the stressed person will usually attempt to regain control by thinking and working faster, but this burden of additional activity causes the mind to become even more estranged from the physical body, thereby increasing their inability to cope with activity.  Whereas the thinking mind can be a mill of ideas and worries, our body always speaks to us clearly and without speculation. Our thinking mind can relax more easily when it is tethered to our physical body – during yoga posture practice we achieve this via the breath. By linking the body & breath in a smooth sequence of mindful yoga postures, we start to relax, then we begin to experience greater intimacy with people around us, in a completely natural way, and our levels of stress begin to recede.

Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats
Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats


Yoga teacher & Thai Yoga Practitioner
Arantza (pronounced Ar-an-cha) was raised in the Basque region of Spain and has traveled the world.
She is a graduate of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Kerala and studied yoga with BKS Iyengar and Dynamic Yoga with Godfrey Devereux. Her vinyasa yoga classes are invigorating and powerful, delivered with no-nonsense simplicity and down-to-earth Zen wisdom.

Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats


Leah has practiced yoga for over 20 years and has taught since 2003.

She prepares you for an inward yoga journey to a direct experience of how yoga practice brings inner peace and balance.

Leah employs a mixture of traditional teaching methods that encourage you to practice intelligently, enabling you to build a daily self-practice. With Leah, you will explore the inner landscape of body, mind, and breath, discovering and relishing deep peace within the very core of your being. Influences:
 TKV Desikachar, BKS Iyengar and Vanda Scaravelli and alternative approaches to movement and body awareness including Feldenkrais, Qi-gong & dance.

Professional life: 
Before yoga, Leah was a human rights lawyer representing clients in court and delivering training for new recruits on relevant law and procedure.

Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats

Developing the quality and breadth of awareness is the key to an inner inquiry

This method can reveal tensions or disassociations that we were not yet aware of and that we are constantly creating due to pernicious habits. In yoga, we seek to cultivate presence within each subtle movement. Unlike habit, presence is always fresh, it never hides and it’s deep wisdom undermines any unskillful patterns of behaviour, leading to personal freedom.

The repetition of a sequence of postures has various functions: (1) it prints the sequence into our memory so that it can be easily adopted as a self-practice; (2) it forms a tangible framework that makes the subtle nature of Awareness more tangible; (3) the rhythm of your movements synchronising with your natural breath becomes a moving meditation that soothes the wandering mind and dissolves tension in the core of your nervous system.

Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats

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Yoga Retreat Classes Spain - Learn Yoga! Kaliyoga Retreats

How deeply you are able to dive into this moving meditation does not depend on the variety of postures

It depends on developing the ability to focus with sensitive, honest, open and non-judgemental awareness on your inner experience. Many “advanced” students are able to twist themselves into all sorts of wonderful impressive shapes, but they will be more nourished by a simple sequence of slow, repetitive, mindful vinyasa, thus experiencing a new depth of awareness and its meditative consequences. The desire for more variety really comes from the seeking mind, but the dynamic yoga method quickly reveals that variety is not nearly as exciting as the juicy, sharp clarity and energy that come from experiencing the inner presence of your real self.