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Mentorships with Tashi Dawa in Italy

This Mentorship program is a month-long immersion into the wisdom teachings of yoga and the life of a daily yoga practice. Kaliyoga Retreats are widely recognised as leaders in the retreat field and this learning opportunity offers a rare insight into the practice and application of yoga in a wider sense.

2019 Dates
May 5 – June 1 (4 wks)
June 2 – July 29 (4 wks)
June 30 – July 27 (4 wks)

Cost: £500 per week

What is included?

  • Pre-reading and pre-arrival self-practice program
  • Weekly readings and resources
  • 2 x daily yoga classes + daily self-practice
  • Daily asana, meditation and pranayama practice
  • Weekly one-on-one workshops (exclusive to the mentorship program)
  • Class observation tasks, assisting and in-class adjusting program
  • Weekly feedback and reflective tasks
  • In-class teaching exercises on retreat with guests and staff
  • Karma yoga activities include assisting Tashi in her classes and some basic kitchen tasks
  • Karma yoga activities: assisting Tashi in classes, hosting and helping in the shala
  • Certificate of completion
  • Letter of recommendation from Kaliyoga Retreats on request

Also included:

  • Shared accommodation in our staff house 10 min walk from the retreat.
  • Access to all areas of the retreat
  • 3 daily vegetarian meals
  • All retreat offerings and activities
  • Access to our world class therapists and workshops, though cost of participation is not included

Who is this for?

Whether you are an existing teacher, an aspiring teacher or simply have an interest in deepening your understanding, this immersion offers a great opportunity to become steady and clear in your personal practice.You will be guided through an in-depth study of yoga as a life practice, yoga teaching skills and yoga study as well as being an integral part of a team with one of Europe’s most established yoga retreats.

Background & Context

Kaliyoga started offering a Mentorship program in 2014 to support the growing interests in self-practice immersion as well as to provide retreat-specific teaching skills. The opportunities around the world on yoga retreats is expanding and hosting yoga retreats is commonplace for those making yoga teaching a career path.

A bespoke program
This is a customised program that meets you where you are, so you will feel supported at each stage of your practice and learning. Tashi is committed to adapting the program according to your experience, your learning ability, your aspirations and learning process.

Daily Yoga
Tashi strives to provide a world-class yoga teaching program and you are invited to practice, observe and assist the daily classes during our retreats. We are regularly featured in Europe’s most esteemed magazines and newspapers.
The ashtanga yoga primary series is the basis for sequencing, breathing, bandha and drishti techniques & practices. Tashi also teaches a variety of cleansing techniques, workshops, a range of meditation techniques, mantra meditations and pranayama.

Self Practice
Daily self-practice sessions provide the backbone of the mentorship program and you will self-practice 6 days a week during our retreats. The program of self-practice is supported by Tashi (but not directed by her) so you will have the chance to tailor your self-practice program depending on your interests & preferences.

Workshops, practice, karma yoga

Weekly Workshops
Weekly one-on-one intensives provide you with the rare opportunity to really interrogate the techniques and practices.
During the month you will practice, participate in & assist the retreat program. During observation sessions you will complete observation tasks followed by discussions regarding sequencing, adjusting, language, etc.

Practice Teaching
Towards the end of the month you may offer adjustments and assistance during the retreat classes and lead short staff and retreat sessions such as relaxations, meditations, yoga nidra & pranayama sessions.

Karma Yoga
You will offer few hours a week of volunteer support in the shala and the kitchen during the retreat. We have a team of excellent work-exchange volunteers who keep our place bright, fun & super-charged with healthy drinks & snacks. Your duties would include setting up the yoga space each day, taking care of the light supper served on Wednesday evenings for those few guests who elect to stay onsite and giving general support for all of our retreat activities.

Part of the family
You become a valuable part of our in-house retreat team, behind the scenes and part of the fabric of life on retreat for our guests. There are always wonderful people from all over the world living, sharing and working at our retreats. You live with us as part of our retreat family.

Your teacher

Your teacher Tashi Dawa is influenced by a number of methods and teachers including the ashtanga vinyasa yoga method (Pattabhi Jois); Dynamic Yoga (Godfrey Devereux); Somatic Meditation on Pure Awareness (Reginald Ray).

Tashi also uses functional movement and creative physical play in her classes.

The base method Tashi teaches on retreat is ashtanga vinyasa yoga, however she teaches the Primary Series postures in a ‘practice play’ way. This means exploring a posture, or a short series of postures, to investigate foundational practice principles:
– grounding vs reaching – harnessing the bandhas – dynamic alignment – awakening to breathing – sensitivity to sensation – yoga as wisdom training through investigation of awareness of sensation.

How to use this program

If you want to practice yoga – this is an opportunity to really find out what is missing in your practice and give it some attention and space. It is an intensive learning experience that offers life-long practice skills.

If you want to teach yoga – this is an opportunity to develop your teaching skills and method. Use it to refine and invigorate your ability to share precious wisdom teachings.

Many people who complete our mentorship already have at least a 200hr Yoga TTC qualification, but it’s not essential. Although our Mentorship program is not a teacher-training as such, we encourage teachers as well as students to use it as a gift to yourself, a complete immersion into the practice and an intensive experience of yoga, both on and off the mat.

There are two Mentorship places available every month and the Mentorship program is always 4 weeks in duration, starting on a Sunday and finishing on a Saturday.

2019 Program Dates
May 5 – June 1 (4 wks)
June 2 – July 29 (4 wks)
June 30 – July 27 (4 wks)

Cost: £500 per week

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