Unleash your creative qualities

Creative qualities are powerful inward expressions of human intelligence, but as a child you may have received career advice that \’pursuing artistic talent is a waste of time\’, or \’you\’ll never get a job being creative\’. It would have been given as benign advice, but with hindsight such guidance is profoundly mistaken, as Ken Robinson explains in his brilliant TED Talk (see link below). Subsequently, you may have allowed other things to claim priority over your creative talent.

What happens when creative qualities are repressed?

Suppressed creativity may turn out to be one of the main reasons behind the pandemic use of anti-depressant pills. What hinders creativity is a lack of belief in the right to proclaim and develop one\’s unique talents. Common beliefs we hold onto include:

\”I can\’t afford the time to nurture my creative soul\”
\”I am not good enough\”
\”I will fail\”
\”I am too old\”
\”My creative longing is self-indulgent and a waste of time\”.

Even one negative thought repeated over and again becomes a belief with the power to entomb the fledgling spark of a creative genius.

Kaliyoga retreats will allow you to identify your self-defeating beliefs and to notice whether there is a creative voice behind it, waiting patiently to be heard. Perhaps there is an artist inside of you waiting to emerge – or perhaps a director, a designer, an entrepreneur, a singer, a writer, a photographer, a life coach, a buyer for C&A. Through a week of yoga, meditation, country walks, healing therapies and the loving kindness of our team you will have the luxury of space and time to focus on what it is you were born to do & be. 

Its that simple.

By Rosie Miles, co-founder

Link: Ken Robinson\’s TED Talk – Do schools kill creativity?

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Link: Kaliyoga Retreats in Puglia, Italy

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