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Sleep Well by Rosie Miles at Kaliyoga Wellness Retreats

Sleep Well


Is sleep the new luxury? We know that poor sleep makes us feel anxious and unhappy, so how do we find our way back to the lush fields of deep sleep, to heal, repair and make us bounce out of bed in the morning?

A modern, desk-bound lifestyle deprives us of natural daylight and saturates us with artificial light after dark. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are designed to function according to the sun’s circadian rhythms that regulate our energy levels according to an innate natural response to light and darkness. 

The latest science on sleep shows that ’theta’ sleep waves – the deep sleep state of repair – are becoming elusive because of poor lifestyles – eating late, staying up and watching TV, or late night internet surfing, checking emails or checking phones last thing at night – all of these new habits prohibit the natural production of melatonin and this prevents us from falling asleep naturally.

Our invitation to you during our Sleep Well retreat is to unplug your devices and minimise mental/audio/visual stimulation to relax your nervous system. 

Bask in the natural sunlight of Andalucia – literal meaning ’walk in light’ – and eat a specially formulated diet to support deeper sleep. Breathe in relaxing aromatherapy oils, drink soothing herbal teas, enjoy candlelit dinners and sleep-inducing tinctures at bed time. 

During this retreat you will experience restorative yin yoga sessions, yoga nidra (yoga sleep), breathing techniques that promote the parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous system, informative talks designed to help you re-frame bed time as a time for sleep and the bedroom as a sanctuary; magnesium foot baths, infrared sauna for total detox, and access to our world class therapy team – cranio sacral therapy, deep tissue massage, reflexology and intuitive healers who will help you to process and release emotional trauma that may be preventing you from dropping off to sleep.

And we will introduce healthy bedtime protocols and rituals to help restore your nervous and endocrine systems back to their natural balance.

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