Revive Your Heart & Mind

Led by Rosie Miles, co-founder of Kaliyoga

August 18-24
August 25-31

- Single adult in private double ensuite accommodation from £1595

- Room-share with your friend or partner from £2550

An inspiring week designed to ease your heart and relax your mind

Press the pause button and join Kaliyoga founder Rosie Miles for a week of deliciously relaxing *somatic yoga, designed to calm your nervous system and promote a sense of deep inner peace.

After a sound healing session on your arrival, the week will unfold with two daily classes, incorporating *somatic yoga, breath work, profound but accessible meditation, and guided visualisation.

There will be plenty of time to relax in the afternoons with optional therapeutic healing sessions available each day. There will be four holistic life coaching sessions for anyone who wants help in that area.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are plentiful, delicious and designed to compliment the yoga and meditation sessions.

As this retreat is focused on deep healing and relaxation, you are free to follow your own rhythm and to participate and socialise as much or as little as you feel is right for you.

Highlights of this Retreat

A typical day flows like this -

About your host

Hello. I am Rosie and I am passionate about teaching somatic yoga and meditation as a path to inner stability, deep relaxation and increased joy.

I have trained extensively in the dynamics of integrity with yoga master Godfrey Devereux who inspired me to co-found Kaliyoga with my husband Jonathon. We have run yoga retreats at Kaliyoga for over twenty years and our mission is to inspire holistic wellbeing and personal growth. 


"My week with Rosie has been a journey to the centre of me.
I was so much in need of change and was looking for a way to relax deeper into myself. Then one day I saw and booked onto Rosie's retreat at Kaliyoga. Frankly speaking I did not expect to go on such an amazing journey nor to meet such wonderful people. I felt so good there and it was so much deeper than a regular holiday. Once back home I worried that I would just return to my routine and get lost again inside my everyday life. But that did not happen because something deep within me shifted. I feel like I have managed to remove some fears and even when they come back, I know I am not alone. We all face the same challenges, and so I go ahead. Happy, focused and free to be myself!"

Madeleina, Emerging Artist, Italy

*About Somatic Yoga

Engaging in somatic yoga movement sessions can facilitate a profound connection with buried layers of emotional wounds, trauma, and primal states, while also unlocking the energy trapped within unresolved traumas.

The exercises consist of straightforward movements, performed repetitively to awaken the body and encourage a fuller embodiment. Rather than suppressing movement, we embrace it as it naturally unfolds, following the body's rhythms of activity and rest. Throughout, we prioritize moments for breathing, relaxation, stretching, and bridging the inner and outer worls.

This practice evolves into an ongoing exploration of the present moment, allowing us to recognize and address self-sabotaging tendencies, judgmental attitudes, and the inclination to push beyond limits. We work towards resolving these constraints by embracing vitality and authenticity.

Somatic yoga aims to foster a creative process that feeds our connection with ourselves and others by enriches ‘intangible’ aspects that promote deep joy and meaning.

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