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Justin, UK

I cannot recommend Kaliyoga highly enough and am already looking forward to my next visit to this valley of paradise.

Justin, UK

Gorgeous getaway retreats europe

I absolutely loved my stay at Kaliyoga. The combination of fantastic yoga, food, treatments and the wonderful kind energy of the place was something so unique and special. I felt like I floated back to London!

Sarah F


The best yoga retreat reviews

I loved my time at Kaliyoga and wish I was still there.
The people, food, yoga, treatments and location were all top notch and fabulous.
I laughed, learned loads and came home feeling like a new woman.

Clare, London


Wonderful experience at kaliyoga retreat

I have learned a lot during the Juice Fasting Detox retreat and I am very glad I had this wonderful experience.

C. Siebbeles, Amsterdam – Netherlands

life changing yoga retreat

I’ve been to many retreats, but I have never experienced such incredibly talented therapists – the treatments at Kaliyoga are all life changing. Out of this world!

Saskia, Bath (UK)

yoga retreat review from switzerland

Woweee, your retreat is simply gorgeous!! Absolutely loved it!!
Thanks for founding Kaliyoga. One week has had a very big impact in my life.

A. Montoya – Switzerland

The best yoga and healing retreats europe

The staff are so open and genuine, they made me feel very welcome. Kaliyoga far exceeded my expectations, I will be back. My soul was nourished, I now feel my spiritual journey has begun.


beautiful health and wellbeing retreat spain and italy

I had such a beautiful time at Kaliyoga. It’s such a special special place.
I moved forward in so many ways and I felt so much happiness and love.
It really can’t be given full justice in words alone.


Amazing yoga and raw food cleansing retreat italy

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It has been life changing for me. Learnt so much. Felt so supported. Tashi is a genius, highly skilled expert. Pace was perfect. Fears were overcome. Can’t thank Tashi enough for her generosity, grace, humour. Most importantly, she’s great fun!

Sandra Henke

How a week at Kaliyoga Spain healed my mind, body & soul when things got tough!

I left Kaliyoga on Saturday lunchtime a fresher, invigorated and re-energised version of my former self who was full of love and compassion for the five wonderful souls I had the pleasure of spending the week with. I’m sure the feeling will be hard to forget, but I am definitely ready to focus on life again, enjoy everything it has to offer, embrace everything it throws my way and love myself unconditionally.

Leila Jane Wright

find hidden retreats in europe

We both had a really fantastic time, returned home fully recharged and energised. Found the educational info on diet, nutrition and lifestyle particularly useful. Sure you will see us again in the future!

Bob & Lou, London – UK

A vacation that makes you feel welcome and relaxed

This was the best kind of vacation I could wish for. It was like one big family. Please do not ever change that. Really loved that the people working there joined us for dinner and that we all helped each other. Made me feel more welcome and more at home.

C. Hulvi Larsen, Hellerup – Denmark


If you want somewhere to catch your breath and practice soulful yoga, Kaliyoga is the place to go!


Kaliyoga is the best retreat in europe

I haven’t felt as energised or as healthy in ages. Also, you are incredibly lucky to have such great staff. Lelly is one of the best (yoga) teachers I have had the privilege of meeting. Kaliyoga is a very special retreat and I take my hat off to you for getting it set up. Well done!

L. Jones


Kaliyoga was so much more than I expected

Kaliyoga was so much more than I expected. Thank you for having created a safe and spiritual place for people to heal.

Paris, May 2017

This Yoga Retreat Has Transformed My Life

This week has transformed my life. I feel so lucky to have been welcomed into such a warm and caring environment where I felt so much love and kindness from everyone here.

Chloe, May2017

top reviews for the best yoga retreat

There is something about Kaliyoga that creates the most wonderful atmosphere.
What a shame you can’t bottle it and sell it worldwide!

J. Bates, Surrey, UK

The yoga has been a revelation to me

The yoga has been a revelation to me and I will continue to practice on my return home.

Liz, May 2017

Sabine, Puglia, 2018

I booked this retreat with ‘relaxation’ in mind. I leave with a fantastic set of tools to get back to myself, enjoy the present moment, learn to be fed by nature, people and most of all to enjoy the ride!


Martje, Holland

I’d give Kaliyoga 5000 stars if possible. Lovely place, great people, super chilled and loving vibe, very personal and real.

Martje, Holland

Reviews on the best yoga and cleansing retreat europe

Now I’m back in Berlin and wanted to let you know that it was a fabulous week in Spain, I really enjoyed it A LOT!
The atmosphere and everyone working at Kaliyoga was so nice and relaxed and I learned loads about yoga and raw food. It would be great to come back some time!

Verena, Berlin

Sally Kirby, Queen of Retreats

Sally Kirby, journalist at, reviews this authentic yoga retreat in Andalucia and finds the nurturing atmosphere, gentle yoga and transformational treatments she needs to help her shift her long-held grief over her mother’s death. Read the review here

Kaliyoga Retreat Is Life Changing

What a fantastic, inspirational and life-changing week. I loved every minute of it and I am so thankful to the whole team of talented, friendly and dedicated people. I will definitely be back!

Tara, May 2017

Care and Understanding Yoga Retreat

Thank you again for all your care and understanding,
nothing could have been gentler or more caring,
I feel very lucky to have been at Kaliyoga.


Anna Selby

Even if you’ve done lots of yoga classes before, a week at Kaliyoga will put you back on the right track. And if you’ve done none, you’ll get inspired to do plenty more.

Anna Selby

The best yoga retreat in europe

Excellent yoga, accessible, satisfying, challenging but not threatening.
Reinvigorated my interest in yoga, a renewed sense that life is beautiful. Food too divine!!

Christine Colton

Media Reviews

Health spa and yoga retreat review 2017

So, what do you call a place that has a sauna, a pool, a hot tub under the stars, a vast array of treatments and a philosophy that embraces nutrition, health, exercise and spirituality? That must be a real spa, right? Wrong. This is Kaliyoga and this is a retreat. And that’s a whole different mind set.

The Arbuturian


Sheerluxe – 2014

Tashi, our yoga teacher for the week, charmed everyone into a state of utterly blissful relaxation. I had specifically booked myself on a week when I knew she’d be teaching as I’d experienced her incredible energy and approachable teaching style before. It’s safe to say she’d gained a few more devoted fans by the end of the week. (Yes, she is that good!)

Mindfulness is such a buzzword in wellness circles right now and everyone seems to be throwing it around all over the place. I found Tashi’s teaching really demystified it for me, and I came home with renewed enthusiasm for a yoga practice and meditation.


The Sunday Telegraph – 2015

I was lucky. My retreat with Kaliyoga in Italy was both authentic and a traveller’s delight. It pandered to our desire for a luxurious break, but with no compromise on the quality of the teaching, environment, and staff. All of it exemplified the purism of real yoga from the inside out. And that is something of which the male of our species is in dire need.

Men know how to rush, how to compete, how to strategise, how to panic, how to want, but few of us know how to just pause and be, even for one breath. There is something so hard about taking a moment to stop thinking and, rather, to notice what I am experiencing right now, that I needed two whole weeks of structured, cloistered care in order to glimpse it.

Sunday Telegraph


Brutally Frank – 2013

If I had only one word to describe Kaliyoga I’d say ‘sociable’. Swiftly followed by ‘laughter’ and ‘warmth’. I don’t think I have ever talked or laughed so much as during my week with a bunch of people who started off as complete strangers.

Brutally Frank

Red Online – 2013

One of the Best Yoga Holidays in Spain.

Red Online

Brutally frank

If I had only one word to describe Kaliyoga I’d say ‘sociable’. Swiftly followed by ‘laughter’ and ‘warmth’. I don’t think I have ever talked or laughed so much as during my week with a bunch of people who started off as complete strangers.

Brutally Frank Website


Cosmopolitan Magazine – 2013

It was WONDerful! Exactly what I needed in my current state; yoga was not too strenuous so I could manage most of it even though am still not fighting fit, the food was incredible, the venue breathtaking and Jax the manager and Tashi the yoga teacher were just brilliant. They made everyone feel so welcome and the place had such a good vibe. I have been on quite a lot of yoga retreats / this type of holiday and I think this is the one that has had the most significant effect on me, so that’s saying something.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Daily Telegraph – 2005

In London you’d never catch me fasting (too greedy), giving up caffeine (too addicted) or consulting a healer (too cynical). Yet after a week at the Kaliyoga retreat in southern Spain, I had done all three, along with many more things I’d never have dreamt of. Chakra meditation? A day of total silence? Flamenco dancing? I loved them all.

Daily Telegraph

Queen Of Retreats – 2014

The genius people at Kaliyoga are opening their third gorgeous retreat venue in April – this time in the beautiful Puglia region of southern Italy. You’ll stay in a traditional Masseria (17th-century country house) or a Trullo cottage in the grounds and enjoy daily yoga, cycling, walking, trips to the beach, delicious healthy food and a good selection of relaxing treatments including Thai yoga massage and reflexology. Dynamic Yoga, pioneered by yoga adept Godfrey Devereux, is the house specialty – Kaliyoga’s main teacher is Tashi Dawa, aka Tashi, who teaches flowing dynamic yoga with poise, warmth, and humour. Review by Caroline Sylger Jones.

Queen Of Retreats

Hello Magazine – 2013

Juice like the stars on a Kaliyoga retreat…

Hello Magazine


The Digitalistas – 2014

Last year I had an amazing experience at Kaliyoga in Spain, and the wellness yoga retreat has just opened its newest location in Puglia, Italy.

The Digitalists


Essential Travel – 2013

Kaliyoga focuses on getting rid of stress from your daily life, allowing you time for self-reflection and inner wellness.

Essential Travel

Miss Eco Glam – 2013

Feel more energized with two daily yoga classes and tantalize your taste buds with a range of healthy snack ideas, guilt-free desserts, and raw chocolate.

Miss Eco Glam

Conde Nast Traveller – 2004

Go on, stretch yourself. Kaliyoga is all about total relaxation, but a week-long course can yield unexpected rewards, as Francesca Syz discovered at a yoga retreat deep in the Spanish countryside.

Conde Nast Traveller


SpaFinder – 2010

5 Life-Changing Yoga Retreats in 2014 – Are you keen to start the new year with positive intentions and explore your yoga practice with world-class teachers? Yoga retreats are great ways to get a new perspective on your life, delve deep into yoga asana and philosophy, eat healthy and delicious food, and meet a group of like-minded yogis. Being able to escape your daily life for a short break and take a step back is an invaluable way to transform your yoga practice – and your life.


cosmopolitan yoga retreat review

FANTASTIC yoga! AMAZING management and hostingI
LOVELY staff! I absolutely love this venue, the location and surrounding countryside couldn’t be more blissful.

Pat McNulty / Cosmopolitan Magazine

Salbe und Seide – 2013

Kaliyoga ist ein in Europa führendes Yoga-Retreat und eines der weltweiten Top Yoga Retreats.

Salbe und Seide

metro review of the best yoga retreats

A perfect balance of hippy and cool. Kaliyoga isn’t the competitive power yoga that is often found in Britain, The morning flow class is challenging but gentle. The afternoon session combines restorative yoga and alignment workshops, culminating in a partner class on the last day which has us collapsed on the floor laughing.

The Metro


Strut your stuff both on and off the mat during this seven-day vacay in southern Spain’s Alpujarra region. As you conquer the hilly terrain (there’s two full days of walking, plus two-hour yoga sessions every afternoon), you’ll be treated to views of waterfalls, gorges, valleys and Moorish villages. In your free time, indulge in healing therapies, take a cooking classes or go horseback riding at your leisure.



Yoga magazine – 2012

I just want to thank everyone so much. The love, care and nurturing we all received even before we arrived and can feel even though we have left is extraordinary. The gifted and dedicated therapists are extraordinary and would put most luxury spa hotels around the world to shame. The place and the people at Kaliyoga have a very special energy and are nothing short of magical.

Yoga magazine


This retreat was also a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and form ties with them. The contrast between our tense drawn faces and stiff bodies when we arrived and the sparkling expressions when we left was quite revealing of the release and joy experienced during the initiation.

I have only one thought when I think of this retreat: I want to go back as soon as possible and experience every step of this mesmerizing physical and mental transformation again.

Beauty news NYC


Beautiful holiday retreats spain and italy

At Kaliyoga’s base in the Alpujarras you can pick from a variety of activities to mix with your yoga, including hill walking, raw food cleansing and juice fasting with nutrition lectures, colonic cleanses and guided meditation.

The Guardian – Best Yoga retreats 2017

The Guardian – 2012

The Guardian placed Kaliyoga in their list of top 10 inspirational and affordable yoga retreats that feature leading instructors.

The Guardian

Style Cartel – 2013

When searching for summer holiday ideas I stumbled upon the Kaliyoga Raw Superfoods Retreat in Southern Spain where you can enjoy a highly nourishing and invigorating six-day Raw & Superfood Yoga Retreat in a spectacular rural setting. Focus on yoga and a diet of high-vibration living foods including raw and steamed cuisine as well as superfoods to enhance holistic health, energy, and weight control.

Style Cartel

Spa World Germany – 2013

Kaliyoga ist ein freundliches Retreat, wo die Besucher Yoga mit den besten Lehrern praktizieren, sich mit delizösen, regionalen, vegetarischem Essen verwöhnen und holistische Therapien genießen können.

Spa World Germany


Eluxe Magazine – 2014

I know the minute I stop feeling this glow, I’ll be booking my second trip…

Eluxe Magazine


Hip & Healthy – 2013

Being a fairly active lady who is used to clocking hours in the gym and pounding the pavement, I initially approached yoga with some caution. It looked wonderful, but would I be bored? Would I feel any tangible benefits? I imagine this is the trepidation of many thinking about giving the downward dog a chance, but I was feeling the effects of spending many hours a week hunched over my desk and knew that a week of turning off my work emails and escaping the rat race would do me no harm. But my week in the Andalusian mountains had more of an effect on me, my lifestyle and my outlook on my health than I could possibly have prepared for.

Hip & Healthy


The Arbuturian – 2013

What do you call a place that has a sauna, a pool, a hot tub under the stars, a vast array of treatments and a philosophy that embraces nutrition, health, exercise, and spirituality? That must be a real spa, right? Wrong. This is Kaliyoga and this is a retreat. And that’s a whole different mindset.

The Arbuturian

Shaw Connect, Canada – 2013

For many people, yoga has become an integral part of their lifestyle. So much so that it carries over into holiday planning.

Shaw Connect


The Guardian – 2017

Best Holistic Retreat for beginners. At Kaliyoga’s base in the Alpujarras you can pick from a variety of activities to mix with your yoga, including hill walking, raw food cleansing and juice fasting with nutrition lectures, colonic cleanses and guided meditation. Chill by the pool, have a treatment, use the infra-red sauna and take two yoga classes a day. Resident teachers include Lely Aldworth, who teaches dynamic yoga, encouraging guests to experience yoga as a moving meditation. Alcohol-free meals are veggie and vegan.

Caroline Sylger Jones (Guardian)


Fertility Road Magazine – 2012

If you’re getting ready to conceive a baby, or if you’ve been trying to conceive but getting nowhere, the Kaliyoga Juice Fasting Detox retreat is a tried and tested program that can maximise your chances of getting pregnant.

Fertility Road Magazine


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