Reasons for Walking

Reasons for Walking

Hello. My name is Rosie. I\’m the co-founder of Kaliyoga Retreats. I’d like to share with you the reasons why I love walking so much.

\"hillFor me, walking can be a meditation practice because it allows my thoughts to flow out of my head and into my body via the sensation and rhythm of movement. I find it incredibly relaxing because there’s no mental conflict between thinking and not thinking or doing and not doing, there’s just movement – me and the earth and my breath and the sounds around me and whatever thoughts happen to be coming in and out from moment to moment.

Quiet Mind

Walking is also very useful for helping to quieten my inner critic – or the little judge that lives in my head. Mine happens to be called Nasty Joan, and she tends to judge a lot of what I do or say with scornful criticism, but when I walk, Nasty Joan is so preoccupied with the actual sensations involved in the action of movement that she has no time or space for judgement and that’s incredibly liberating.

So I urge you all to try walking as a spiritual practice and come and see us in Spain where we have our Yoga and Hill Walking Season coming up from February 26th – April 15th and there’ll be two beautiful full day walks plus the chance to walk on your own in the most incredible Spanish mountain countryside so take care and…

…see you in Spain! X

Kaliyoga Retreats in Andalucia, Spain

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