Our Story

In 2002, a struggling actress and a record producer from London met on a yoga holiday and fell in love on the Balearic island of Ibiza.

They were following their passion for yoga and both had a similar dream to create a yoga and wellness retreat that placed warmth, and authenticity and joy at its heart.

This dream was the seed of Kaliyoga, a home-away-from-home where people would be free to relax and re-connect, away from the conditioned ‘would have, could have, should have’ conditionality of modern life.

Clutching their yoga teacher certificates, a few euros and an expired Hammersmith & City library card, they quit their tepid London lives for an abandoned farmhouse in the relatively undiscovered hills of Andalusia, between the Mediterranean coast and Granada city.

After months of toil, the universe showered them with abundance, not only in the form of guests, but also two children.

Over the years and with a lot of help from friends and team mates, Kaliyoga has developed into the gorgeous place it is today, maintaining its homely atmosphere and attracting visitors from around the globe

– Jonji & Rosie Miles

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