Rosie Miles - My Yoga Journey

My Yoga Journey by Rosie Miles, Co-founder of Kaliyoga Wellness Retreat in Spain

My first brush with yoga came in the form of Faustomaria, a svelte Italian with silver hair and a twinkle in his eye who noticed me, a 29 year old insomniac jobbing actress, wilting like week-old lettuce in a vegetarian cafe in Notting Hill. 

As I mournfully ate my lentil parmigiana, my stooped posture denoting someone who never expected to survive infancy, let alone make it to Hollywood, I felt someone tap my shoulder and hand me a card, advising me in a mellifluous Roman accent to: “Try Yoga. See what happens.” 

And so, in the Spring of 1997, my yoga journey began. 

Each evening at 6pm I would cycle hell for leather in the wind and rain to Fausto’s yoga sanctuary in Kensal Rise where I’d be literally hugged in by soft music, exotic incense, fairy lights, and smiling faces. 

Coming from a background in manic aerobic exercise and about 15 coffees a day, I struggled with some of the more intense stretches, but with the help of Fausto’s gentle encouragement to stop judging and pushing and start sensing and surrendering, I soon felt my connective tissue soften like warm butter.  I also slept for the first time in what seemed like eons. 

With my yoga flame now burning brightly, and the initial joy of Fausto’s classes having worn off, I began to shop around elsewhere – to  Iyengar,  Kundalini, Yin Restorative and one Jivamukti class where, during Savasana the yoga teacher chanted “JAYA GANESHA JAYA GANESHA JAYA GANESHA PAHINAM at such a deafening volume that I nearly had a heart attack. 

And then came Andreas, a six foot five German Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Zen Buddhist under whose baritone commandments and powerful adjiustments I submitted like a rag doll. 

Being a woman of the ‘yang’ persuasion, the physical rigour of Ashtanga Vinyasa suited me to a tee and there followed an odyssey of classes and retreats with amazing Ashtangis such as Danny Paradise, Leela Miller,  David Swenson and one afternoon with the late great Nancy Gilgoff. 

And soon, just as Faustomaria had predicted, ambition got the better of me and I injured myself but, determined not to drop behind in class, I refused to submit to the pleadings of my body to rest, forcing it instead to endure round after round of the primary series until I was right back where I stated. Sure, I may have had the body of Elle Macpherson but as every single part of my body ached – what was the point?

And then I went to India and met a tantric twiglet of a yogi who sweetly suggested I stop contorting my body into the shape of a pretzel and meditate on a mantra instead. 

Which I did. For about 5 minutes. Before returning to Ashtanga again. Where the litany of injuries continued. 

Until one day a friend took me to a workshop in Battersea taught by best-yoga-teacher-on-earth Godfrey Devereux who explained to me what yoga posture practice is actually FOR. 

“Joyful Steadiness In The Body Free From Tension And Manifesting The Infinite Beyond Duality”  

Yep I thought, I’ll have some of that thanks, and off I went to his teacher training camp on the quiet North coast of Ibiza to learn The Dynamics of Integrity – a methodology based on the establishment of physical and mental safety that can be applied to all yoga styles and, once absorbed, can never be forgotten. (I also met Jonathon, the love of my life, which was an added bonus)! 

Godfrey’s Dynamics of Integrity, along with the philosophy of Patanjali (considered the father of yoga) formed the bedrock of mine and Jonathon’s yoga teaching at Kaliyoga and one that has sustained our personal practice (on and off though it has been) for nigh on two decades. 

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic teachers – all of whom have incorporated Godfrey’s Dynamic Yoga method into their teaching practice – and most recently we are thrilled to host Boglárka Huszár (aka Boogie) who emanates the spirit of yoga from every fibre of her being. 

Boogies’ teaching comes from a place of inner experience, practicing yoga as a tool for physical relaxation, personal grounding and spiritual understanding. Boogie is devoted to helping others to find the key to inner peace, via the teachings of the Dynamics of Integrity along with Somatic yin yoga as a means of deep connection of mind, body, breath and spirit. 

Join in with this yoga video featuring yoga teacher Boogie Huszar at Kaliyoga with audio and subtitles in English.

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