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Meet Our Crew in Puglia, Italy

Tashi Dawa

Yoga Teacher and Mentorship Leader

Tashi Dawa is a KPJAYI Authorised level 2 Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher with over twenty years of personal practice. Tashi has the gift of being able to transmit her deep yoga wisdom to each student in a way that is free from dogma, non-academic and highly engaging. In Tashi’s yoga classes, novices and experienced yogis can practice together in the same room, following modified instructions and exploring their comfort zones without injury or fatigue. Tashi continues to deepen her practice each year at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore.

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Holly Warren

Yoga Teacher and Mentorship Leader

My life has always been a journey into movement and stillness.  My childhood was largely dedicated to dance – I remember wanting to roll, jump and skip though space – and my early career was as a professional contemporary dancer.

My relationship with yoga has sustained and accompanied me through my dance career, and it led me back to teaching breath and meditation workshops throughout Europe.

My work is to guide and support others to feel embodied and to be in the world with courage and warmth.

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Raw nutritionist, kitchen manager and Ayurvedic masseuse

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Retreat manager







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