A deeply invigorating retreat focusing on superb yoga and a gut-healthy diet of steamed, superfoods & gourmet raw for total wellbeing.

“The food was such an amazing surprise. I hadn’t imagined that so much love and care would be put into our meals.” Sarah, Italy, 2019
“My stay at Kaliyoga was like an enormous hug from the day I arrived until the day I left… the food was amazing…” Odil, Spain, 2019
“I have learnt what loving and nourishing my body truly looks like… I can’t wait to come back” Nichole, Spain, 2019


Summary of what’s included

• Accommodation (6 nights)
• Yoga classes twice a day
• Meditation classes
• Delicious plant-based menu, vegan & coeliac friendly – all meals included
• Infra Red Sauna
• Outdoor pool naturally heated by the sun

Optional Extras
• Hands-on food workshops and demonstrations with Amanda – scroll down for more info
• Natural health treatments from our world-class therapists
• Horseback riding in the mountains – basic fitness required

Before You Arrive

To make the most of your raw food retreat we recommend following a healthy diet for 7 days before arrival. We recommend cutting out, or at least reducing, all meat, dairy, wheat, alcohol, coffee, refined sugar, potatoes and processed foods. Prepare your meals at home based on fruit, vegetables, eggs, whole grains, rice cakes, organic fish, avocados, nuts, seeds, tahini.

Revitalize Your Gut

Our nutritionist explains the cutting-edge science behind foods that supercharge your immune system, as well as foods that boost your mood and energy levels. A partially raw superfood diet promotes long-term weight control and helps reduce cravings. There are three generous meals per day, so you can sit back and let your digestion re-calibrate itself.
Highlights include healthy snacks, delicious desserts, and raw chocolates.

gourmet cuisine and mindful vinyasa kaliyoga retreats


Food Workshops

kitchen workshop kaliyoga spain amanda

If you’re a foodie and you’d lie to spend some time learning in our kitchen, this series of workshops and demonstrations is perfect for you to acquire knowledge and skills from Amanda and her team.
The course of Workshops and Demonstrations features a total of 8 contact hours.
Participation is possible for a maximum of 6 guests.
Course includes: 
Worshop 1 : making a raw lunch and afternoon treat (3 hours)
Workshop 2 : making a cooked main course & dessert (3 hours)
Demo 1 : breakfast ideas; nut & seed milk; green superfood smoothie (1 hour)
Demo 2 : fermentation and living foods (1 hour)
Amanda and her team provide inspiration and confidence for anyone planning to evolve their diet, taking into account dietary intolerances.
A booklet of recipes and nutritional information to take home.
Cost is £150 per person in addition to the cost of your retreat

Yoga and Meditation

relax and unwind at kaliyoga christmas retreat

Under the expert guidance of our in-house teachers Lely and Arantza, you will acquire tools and confidence to build a yoga practice that you can take home. Our yoga method can be applied to all styles of yoga, rather than focusing solely on stretching and shape-making. Physical stability and strength are balanced with mindful tranquility, so, rather than trying to perfect the external shapes of yoga, your yoga experience becomes a meditation in motion.

In the mornings there will be a 2-hour yoga class, preceded by a guided half-hour meditation and in the evenings 1.5 hours. The week culminates with a fun partner yoga session on Friday evening and a self-practice session on Saturday morning.
Because we teach yoga as mindfulness rather than exercise, we do not grade you in terms of your ability. Everyone is welcome, whether novice or experienced.


Self-care Time

kaliyoga retreats spain a place to relax and energise yourself

You are welcome to sunbathe by the pool, read in a hammock, catch up on some guilt-free sleep, or go for a walk in the beautiful Alpujarra mountains (we have walking maps, or a walking guide can be arranged). If you want to sleep in and miss a yoga class, that’s fine too.


Therapeutic Treatments

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Our hand-picked holistic therapists are available every afternoon to attend to your needs. They can help you to free yourself from whatever might be holding you back; and most importantly of all, the powerful combination of yoga classes and holistic therapy sessions re-connects elements of yourself that may have floated away without you even realising.


Evenings / Things to See & Do

Evenings can be quite social, though if you prefer to be quiet, that’s ok too. There is a warm sitting room with a cosy snug to curl up in and relax with a good book; or why not go for an evening stroll in the countryside, or stroll into town (about 20 mins on foot).
Kaliyoga is located 10 minutes from the market town of Orgiva where you will find whole food & hippy shops, cafes and a bustling outdoor market on Thursday mornings. There is also horse riding, great mountain walks, Moorish whitewash villages, beautiful beaches (35 mins drive) and paragliding for the adventurous. We are 50 minutes from the glittering Moorish city of Granada with its Alhambra Palace and Gypsy Flamenco quarter.