Holistic Relaxation Therapy Retreat Spain Kaliyoga Retreats
Holistic Relaxation Therapy Retreat Spain Kaliyoga Retreats

Massage & Therapeutic Treatments

A range of healing treatments by world-class practitioners

60 mins : 60 euros
90 mins : 75 euros

Cranio Sacral Neuro Emotional Technique

Physically, this therapy vitalises the central nervous system, brain and spinal column, as well as the cerebral spinal fluid that nourishes and protects it. Emotionally, this therapy helps you to get in touch with your inner resources. Spiritually, it enlightens the heart and is profoundly healing.

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapy is specially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders.


Venous Flow Full Body Massage with Aromatic Oil

Working though the circulatory system, refreshing and revitalising the lymphatic system, and calming the central nervous system, the practitioner incorporates accupressure points through deep flowing body-breath connection.

Mind-Body Acupuncture

By bringing your awareness to the connection between your physical symptoms and your emotional states, the practitioner shows you how this affects your energy levels. Healing at a cellular level occurs through the harmonisation of physical and emotional issues.


Naturopathy with Quantum SCIO

Intelligent nutrition is part of Naturopath’s diagnostic approach. The Quantum SCIO is a painless computer-aided test to diagnose physical & emotional symptoms and to test for food intolerances, allergies and nutritional deficiencies. The results of the tests will help you to complement your body’s innate ability to heal itself.


There are zone reflexes on both feet that correspond to all major body parts and organs. This treatment consists of applying pressure to the feet in order to cleanse and detoxify the organs, glands and muscles. Deeply revitalising and very relaxing. 


Pedicure (foot pampering)

If you fancy a foot health check with an experienced pedicure specialist, this is the right treatment for you. Starting with the basics of nail cutting filing and polishing, then removal of any corns, calluses and ingrowing toenails, then assessing your gait and body alignment to hep with your physical wellbeing.


Holistic Medical Practitioner

Our practitioner of alternative medicine is also a medical doctor with many years of experience. With the help of kinesiology, the practitioner will check your mineral and vitamin levels and recommend herbs, Schuessler tissue salts, tinctures and infusions to give your body the support it requires. 



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