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Hillwalking through Andalucia’s closely-guarded secret - Alpujarras

A quiet and picturesque region in Andalucia, Spain, Alpujarras is the name given to a quaint collection of high villages occupying the salubrious slopes of Sierra Navada and its adjacent valley. Extending over Granada and Almeria, the region is becoming famous among tourists and travellers keen on hillwalking across its mountainous terrain.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Alpujarras presents an almost clandestine meeting with peace and tranquility. Many undertake this adventure to disconnect from the ennui of daily life and meet themselves on more authentic terms.

If you’re considering a retreat from your worries and daily challenges, hillwalking in the Alpujarras, when combined with mindful yoga, is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on.

What’s so special about the Alpujarras?

Derived from the Arabic word al-basharat, which means the sierra of pleasures, Alpujarras is one of Andalucia’s finest offerings given its historical significance, bountiful produce, and breathtaking geographical endowments.

Having been occupied by Berbers, Moors, and later, the Catholic Monarchs, the region is one that’s familiar with civil wars, albeit those that have taken place in the 16th Century AD. Today, the region is becoming a hub for sustainable tourism and is renowned for the olives grown on the lower slopes of its mountains, as well its grape and citrus cultivations, vineyards, and almond trees.

The Sierra Navada, meaning the mountain range covered in snow, is a life-giving force in the region, given its fertile slopes and springs that provide water to the high villages of Alpujarras.

Hillwalking in the Alpujarras

A unique experience that gives you a blend of nature and classic European-style tourism involving cobbled streets and quaint villages, hillwalking in the Alpujarras is exhilarating and physically and mentally rejuvenating.

Completely cut off from human activity for approximately 11-kilometre intervals, you can tour the high villages of this region while experiencing the unrestrained beauty of the mountainside on your sojourn.

While you make your way across the Alpujarras, learn the fine art of cheese-making and understand how locals produce wine, olive oil, and cured ham while uncovering the secrets behind the perfect paella; a famous Spanish rice dish containing the freshest Mediterranean seafood.

Along your journey, the only company you will run into on the slopes of the Alpujarras are goatherds and their battalions of goats. Apart from that, don’t expect to see locals along the way - few rarely venture out onto the hills for strolls or hikes.

What else can you do in Alpujarras/Andalucia?

Many tourists and travellers visiting the region combine hillwalking with tranquil yoga retreats to enjoy a holistic wellbeing experience, one that includes physical activity like hillwalking and the mental and spiritual rejuvenation guaranteed through expert-led yoga sessions amidst the beauty of the Andalusian region.

When combined, these activities aim to restore internal balance and harmony among travellers who arrive with a fair share of personal challenges.

Exploring this autonomous region of Spain is also relatively off the beaten track, allowing you to enjoy a unique holiday in the hills - one without too many tourists crowding stunning locations.

In addition to yoga, you can also explore Alpujarras in all its glory including the Lanjaron Castle, a medieval Moorish fortress, the Orgiva Tea Garden, the famous Fuente de San Antonia, and other world-famous sites that are certainly worth documenting.

Enjoy a yoga and hillwalking retreat in Andalucia’s stunning Alpujarras region this year!

At Kaliyoga, we organise annual yoga and hillwalking retreats in Andalucia, Spain to provide our guests with an unbeatable and unforgettable experience. Every year, we have repeat guests who swear by the experience we provide.

We were even recently highlighted in The Guardian’s roundup of the best yoga holidays and retreats and among the 10 best wellbeing holidays in Europe.

To revel in the thrills and serenity of the countryside while unlocking your best self and better health and wellbeing, get in touch with our team today. More meaningful experiences and thrilling hillwalking experiences in Alpujarras are available throughout the year.

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