Frequently asked questions

The Basics

In order to give guests the freedom to relax deeply on retreat, the minimum age for unaccompanied guests is 18. In the interests of all guests who come to Kaliyoga for a peaceful experience, children are not accepted; however, we will use our discretion on request. 

There is no maximum age.

– All yoga classes
– All meals (option to dine out on half day)
– Unlimited use of the retreat facilities
– Access to natural therapy team
– Flights and transfers to and from Kaliyoga Retreats – see getting here
– Natural therapy sessions: therapists are paid directly by you in local currency
– Training workshops are priced per person

Website prices are quoted in GB pounds. Our secure online payment system accepts all currencies. You can pay for your retreat by Electronic Bank Transfer in GB Pounds or in Euros. During your stay at Kaliyoga, optional services are charged in Euros.

We welcome all nationalities, all religious beliefs and all genders.

Travel & Transfers

Yes. A group transfer service is available at cost 65€ per person.
A bespoke transfer service is also available, cost 145€.
Full information is available on our Travel & Transfers web page.

For information on out-of-hours transfers, please contact our logistics manager via the Travel & Transfers menu.

Car hire might be useful if you are planning to do other things in the regio either before or after the retreat, but you will not need a vehicle during your stay with us.

You are welcome to stay for as many weeks or extra days as you wish however, please bear in mind that Saturday is our change-over day. On Saturday we offer breakfast and lunch but in the evening the kitchen is closed. There is a choice of restaurants in our local town of Orgiva, a pleasant 25 minute walk away from Kaliyoga.

If you prefer to book a flight arriving on Saturday instead of Sunday, we recommend that you book a hotel near the airport, then we will collect you form the airport meeting point on Sunday. For timings, please contact our logistics manager on:

Some hotel suggestions are:

On Wednesday afternoon we can arrange a car to take you there and back. Granada is a 45 minute drive from Kaliyoga. Cost 150€ per car round trip. You can share the cost between 3 other Kaliyoga guests (37.50€ per person return). During high season (ie May through September) we suggest booking your Alhambra visit in advance to avoid disappointment). Book anytime after 1pm.


In summer bring lightweight clothing, sunglasses, UV skin protection, a wrap or shawl for meditation. In winter be sure to bring a warm jacket and slippers and gloves and perhaps a warm hat for cool evenings outdoors, but also bring shorts and sandals in case it’s really warm.

Don’t bring yoga equipment. We have everything here.
Don’t bring your hair dryer (please) as it will trip our fuses. We have one here that you can use.

Don’t bring a bath or pool towel, we provide both.
Don’t bring a hot water bottle/umbrella, we provide both.

There is 5G but there is no WiFi in the house. There is good WiFi outside the office and we have provided a chair and table for your relaxation and privacy. Should you need to make a Zoom call in private, please speak to our manager.

Photography is permitted, but please check that other retreat guests are happy to be on your camera roll. If a guest says no, please respect their privacy – even if it’s ‘only in the background’.

Mobile phones are accepted at Kaliyoga, but please bear in mind that your fellow guests may be choosing to digitally detox, so please restrict your phone use to your bedroom and do not bring it to communal areas – ie) the yoga studio, dining table, swimming pool, garden, sitting room or library.

If you would like to be phone free for the duration of your retreat, we have a safe box that you are welcome to use. There is a landline at in the office for emergencies.


Yes. In order to save energy, please turn off your unit once you leave your bedroom.

All bathrooms have showers. There are no bath tubs.

We have a hair dryer that guests are welcome to use. Please do not bring your own hair dryer as it will trip our fuses.

Yes, Kaliyoga operates on trust but for peace of mind you are provided with a bedroom key. For added security, Kaliyoga has a safe. Please speak to the manager if you wish to use it.

Teepee guests can choose between a summer bathroom with two hot water showers, wash basins, divine mountain views and eco toilet. Or, a short stroll from the teepees there is an indoor bathroom with conventional loo, shower and wash basin. The Nest bedroom has a shower and basin in the bedroom and a private eco toilet attached to the bedroom but accessible from outside.

There may be a few mozzies in the evening, but not an intrusive amount. For your comfort there is mosquito netting on all bedroom and bathroom windows and the teepee have nets over the beds.


The olive pollen is out from April to May – if you have a pollen allergy, please consult your health practitioner or homeopath for a remedy before you arrive.
Gluten-free, lactose-free, coeliac and vegan diets are catered for. The menu is fixed, not à la carte and we cater for intolerances, not preferences.
If you have a serious illness, and/or a life-threatening intolerance to an ingredient, please discuss your condition with us before you book. If you carry an epipen a doctor’s authorisation will be necessary.
NB: Kaliyoga does not have an epipen nor are we authorised to issue pharmaceutical drugs. There is a health centre in our local town of Orgiva (8 minute drive).

Most certainly. Our cuisine contains a balanced amount of dietary protein in yoghurt, vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, pulses, avocados and fresh cheese (goat’s, feta, mozzarella).

No. Our menu is 100% vegetarian. For meat eaters there is a choice of restaurants on Wednesday evening when the Kaliyoga kitchen is closed.

We do not serve alcohol. But we do serve good quality instant coffee, herbal infusions and tea. If you are trying to overcome dependency on caffeine, it is worth reducing consumption several days before you arrive in order to avoid unpleasant symptoms.


Pre-booking is not necessary. You will book your therapeutic treatments with our practitioners during your stay by WhatsApp.

Natural therapy treatments are available every day, subject to availability. Treatments are explained in detail at the beginning of the retreat and in your room folder. If you need help to choose a practitioner, we are happy to guide you according to your needs. See Treatments page.

Most certainly, but please bear in mind that we are a therapeutic retreat rather than an allopathic medical centre. If you have a serious illness and/or life-threatening allergic reaction, please discuss your condition with us before you book. A doctor’s authorisation may be necessary for some conditions.


Yes. There is an off-road 5 km mixed gradient circular route that departs from our premises. And there is a much longer single track route that we call Silent Valley – it’s about a10 km round trip and is mostly flat off-road track with some gentle inclines.

A Kaliyoga retreat is ultimately a communal experience however we respect that everyone’s needs are different. Some people may need to sleep in and thats fine – whilst others may wish to eat in private – thats fine too. Our priority is that everyone feels ‘at home’ and free to do as they please.
Plenty! Swimming, sunbathing, taking a sauna, snoozing in a hammock, reading in the library, walking in the garden, enjoying a therapeutic treatment.

There is an English speaking  riding ranch in Orgiva that offers guided horse riding (a 25 minute walk or 8 min drive from Kaliyoga). They cater for absolute beginners as well as advanced riders.
There is also mountain hiking, mountain biking, siteseeing – the Moorish villages of the Poquiera Valley are a must, a trip to the beach (30 minutes from Kaliyoga) and the stunning city of Granada.


Our yoga method is rooted in the dynamics of integrity, using traditional yoga postures and sequencing. We advocate a somatic approach that focuses on yoga posture practice as ‘meditation in motion’, using the innate sensitivity of the body as a guide. The style is gentle but precise and each session builds on the previous class. By the end of the retreat you will have learnt a sequence of postures to practice at home.

Yoga practice has nothing to do with physical capability, and nobody will judge another’s lack of flexibility. Classes are suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

No. Yoga in city studios can be highly competitive, but Kaliyoga’s approach is soft, gentle and internally focused. No one is trying to show off or out-do another person.

Yoga instruction is given in clear, precise English but our teacher is also fluent in Spanish, French, and Hungarian.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there are two classes. On Wednesday and Sunday there is one class.

Yes, the studio has large sliding doors. And there is climate control for when the doors are closed.

No. In summer we often open the glass doors for fresh mountain air during practice but the studio is bug-proof with fly netting on all the windows.

Kaliyoga in Puglia Italy is closed permanently since 2020.

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