Frequently asked questions

The Basics

We welcome all nationalities, all ages, all genders. The balance between women & men/singles & couples varies from week to week, but generally more women than men and more singles than couples. The minimum age is 15. There is no maximum age.

– All yoga classes
– All meals (option to dine out on half day)
– Unlimited use of the retreat facilities
– Access to natural therapy team
– Flights and transfers to and from Kaliyoga Retreats – see getting here
– Natural therapy sessions: therapists are paid directly by you in local currency
– Training workshops are priced per person

Our prices are in pounds, but you can pay in your currency with a credit card.


Some basic preparation before you come will make a big difference to the quality of your experience. We highly recommend that you make an effort to cut down on alcohol, caffeine, sugar, tobacco, red meat and dairy. You do not need to do loads of yoga before you arrive to prepare for the yoga course. You just need to have basic fitness and a beginners mind. Even if you are an experienced yogi, you will be going back to basics to remind you of what you may have forgotten.

In summer bring light clothing, sunglasses, UV skin protection, a wrap or shawl for meditation – in winter be sure to bring a warm jacket and slippers and gloves and a hat for cool evenings, but also bring shorts and sandals in case it’s really warm.

4G phone reception is good, though we ask you to use your phone sparingly and quietly away from other guests.

There’s no need to bring your yoga mat, we have yoga equipment here.

– don’t bring a hair dryer (please!) as it will trip the fuses.
– don’t bring a clothes iron, you can borrow ours.
– don’t bring a bath towel or a pool towel, we provide both.
– don’t bring a hot water bottle/umbrella, we provide both.
– we provide liquid soap in the bathrooms.
We keep a small stock of tampons, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and body moisturiser for sale.
– we also have a holiday book library that you are welcome to explore and add to.

Average temperatures: Spring 20C • Summer 30C • Autumn 20C • Winter 10C

Guests generally wear swimwear around the pool & hot tub, but you may go nude or topless if you wish. The sauna accommodates up to 4 people. Swimwear is optional in the sauna – please use a towel to sit on.

Q. Is the pool heated?

The water is heated by solar piping and a passive solar cover. Water temperature varies between approx 20 – 30 degrees Celsius. (68 – 86 Fahrenheit.)

On a yoga retreat it is good practice to switch mobile devices off or use flight-mode during mealtimes, yoga classes and at the pool. Switching off at other times can support everyone who wishes to unplug mentally from being online 24-7. When you need to make a call or connect to the web whilst on retreat, please connect in your room, or in the library, or find a quiet spot in the garden.

Photography is permitted, but do not assume that your fellow guests are happy to be on your camera roll. If a guest says no, please respect their privacy – even if it’s ‘only in the background’. Ask first and be sensitive.


All bathrooms have showers. There are no bath tubs.

We do not supply hairdryers because they tend to overload the electrical system.

We are a trust based retreat centre in the middle of rural farmland. There are no security issues, but for your peace of mind you may leave your valuables in the manger’s safe.

There is an indoor bathroom with conventional loo, hot shower & wash basin is a short stroll from the tipis. Most people prefer to use the summer shower block with 2 hot showers and 2 wash basins and has divine views of the mountains and valley.

A few flies and mozzies in the evenings, but not instrusive. There is fly netting in bedroom windows. (68 – 86 Fahrenheit.)


Kaliyoga is located in an olive growing zone – the main pollen period is from April to June – if you have a pollen allergy, please consult your health practitioner or homeopath for a remedy before you arrive.

We will happily cater for gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan diets. The kitchen is 100% meat-free.  

If you have a serious illness, and/or a life-threatening intolerance to an ingredient, please discuss your condition with us before you book. A doctor’s authorization may be necessary for some conditions.

Yes, our cuisine contains a balanced amount of dietary protein in vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, avocados and some cheese (feta, mozzarella, goat’s).

No. Our menu is 100% vegetarian.

A retreat is an opportunity to regain bodily health and mindful balance. We do not serve alcohol. We do stock fresh coffee, however if you are trying to overcome dependency on caffeine, it is worth reducing consumption several days before you arrive.


No need. Availability will be explained in detail on your arrival. See our list of holistic treatments here.

Natural therapy treatments are available every day, subject to availability.

Treatments are explained in detail at the beginning of the retreat and in your room document.

If you need help to choose a practitioner, we are happy to guide you according to your needs.

A Kaliyoga retreat can be hugely beneficial to ME sufferers. Our excellent holistic practitioners are here to help you to explore new healing modalities. Deep relaxation whilst on retreat is essential to recovery.

NOTE: If you have a serious illness and/or a life-threatening allergic reaction, please discuss your condition with us before you book. A doctor’s authorization may be necessary for some conditions. 


There is a quiet tarmac road nearby and there is also an off-road circular route of about 4 km that is mostly farm track with a few stony goat paths. And there is a much longer single track route that we call Silent Valley – it’s about a10 km round trip and is mostly flat hard dirt with some gentle inclines.

On Site
sauna (infra red heat)
snoozing in a hammock
walking in nature
swimming pool
holistic wellbeing treatments

Horseback Riding
There is a ranch in Lanjaron that offers guided 2 hour rides in the mountains: good for confident riders.

There is also a local ranch that offers rides and instruction for beginners.

English and Spanish spoken.

By arrangement
local thermal spa
local sightseeing
guided hikes
4×4 mountain treck by Landrover


Yoga is not a set of physical goals and nobody will judge another’s lack of flexibility. All gymnasts are not yogis. Classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience, including beginners.

No. City studios can be highly competitive, but Kaliyoga’s approach is soft, gentle and calm. No one is trying to show off or out-do another person.
Our yoga method is rooted in the teachings of Patanjali’s eight limb method, using traditional yoga postures and sequencing. Beginners are always welcome.

Yoga instruction is given in clear, precise English with clarification in Spanish on request.

1 or 2 classes each day, morning and evening, depending on the program.

Through yoga and relaxation the focus of the retreat is to gain first hand appreciation of and understanding of nature. Guests will not be coerced to attend yoga classes!

Yes, the studio has large sliding doors. And there is climate control for when the doors are closed.

No, the studio is bug-proof.
The studio is climate controlled.
In summer we often open the glass doors for fresh mountain air during practice – there are bug screens.

Travel & Transfers

– Malaga Airport 125km
– Granada Airport 76km
– Granada city 53km
– Nearest towns: Orgiva 2.5km / Lanjaron 7.5km
– Nearest beach: Salobreña 32km
The costal town of Salobreña is 30 minutes drive from Kaliyoga. Our favourite beach is Playa Cantajirran which is about 45 minutes drive from Kaliyoga, near to the town of Nerja. Please ask our manager for details.
To book a transfer, complete this form with your travel details. Additional information is available from the Travel Arrangements page in the main menu.

You may book the return leg of your retreat during your stay with us.
If you need to leave earlier that the check out time, we can arrange a car to take you to the airport, to the train station, or to a local bus stop.
Please contact our logistics agent via the ‘Transfers’ button on the homepage, or via the ‘Travel Arrangements’ page in the main menu

Car hire might be useful if you are planning to do other things in the regio either before or after the retreat, but you will not need a vehicle during your stay with us.

It is possible to travel by bus to Kaliyoga’s locations, however due to seasonal changes of the bus timetables we are unable to give detais here. Being undaunted by the challenges of public travel and being bi-lingual are useful skills.

A train stops in Granada, then you can continue to Orgiva either by public bus, or book our friendly transfer service to collect you.

Please add your flight itinerary to yoru booking form at least two weeks before your arrival date and we will arrange a car to meet you.
If your booking is last minute, you will need to contact our logistics agent directly.
Contact our logistics agent via the ‘Transfers’ button on the homepage, or via the ‘Travel Arranngements’ page in the main menu

You can stay for consecutive weeks. Your intervening Saturday night will be free of charge. Please note that the the kitchen will be closed from 12 noon on Saturday until 2pm on Sunday. All staff are off duty during that 24-hour period. However, we can suggest good places for you to have lunch and supper within easy walking distance (15-30 mins).

Each retreat program has a fixed cost and duration. We encourage you to participate in the full program. There are no refunds for missed days/hours.

If you prefer to book a flight arriving on Saturday instead of Sunday, we recommend that you book a hotel near the airport, then we will collect you form the airport meeting point on Sunday at 12 noon. Some hotel suggestions:

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