Food For Medicine And Pleasure

\"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.\" Socrates

At some time in our lives, most of us will encounter digestive discomfort. Sometimes that discomfort may be regular, or even persistent. Often we try to follow this or that diet, but readily slipping back into old food habits. As the commercially mass-produced food chain becomes progressively less trustworthy, more and more of people are informing themselves about unprocessed sources of nutrition, eastern medicine and healthier ways of eating. We believe that using food for medicine and pleasure can enhance your life and wellbeing.

The Yoga and Food connection


Messages from your body about your physical welfare are always present, but we may have forgotten its language, preferring instead to self-medicate, rather than understand. As you begin to deepen your yoga practice you become more sensitive to your body’s biology and you will start to notice the positive and negative impacts of many substances that you habitually feed your body. Some will leave you feeling energised, whilst others make you feel sluggish, lethargic, or in pain.

For many people there may be nothing inherently wrong with refined carbohydrates (and gluten, lactose, sugar, alcohol and caffeine) but almost all healing diets recommend minimising their consumption. It is for that reason that at Kaliyoga we have chosen to base the majority of our menus on fresh fruit and vegetables, grains and pulses, sea vegetables, nuts and seeds. We source local, organic (in season wherever possible).

The food at Kaliyoga is utterly delicious, deeply nourishing and biologically as well as psychologically healing.

The people who prepare your food at Kaliyoga are also yoga practitioners. They prepare your food with sensitivity, love and respect and we feel sure that you will appreciate the life-force in your body as well as the flavours in your palette.

Taking into account the natural bio-rhythms of your body at different times of the day, we create menus that are perfectly balanced, easily digested and fully supportive of your yoga and meditation practice.

By Rosie Miles, co-founder of Kaliyoga Retreats

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