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Hormone Balance – Spain

November 4

Hormone & Menopause Balance Retreat

Hormones play a central role in how our lives play out, including the onset of puberty, childbirth, and menopause. This week is an opportunity to understand and celebrate change, designed to support, empower and help you re-evaluate important aspects of your life, including your ability to relax and take care of yourself; your diet and your relationship with your body.

The yoga brought me back into myself completely and the nutrition advice was all science based, not hippy floaty. And I loved the food! The calmer and healthier I am, the better for everyone at home - what's not to love? Jackie, Clare & Polly, UK
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Summary of what’s included

• Six nights accommodation
• Ten yoga classes; one self-practice session; guided meditations
• Goody bag
• Three deeply nourishing whole food meals per day, designed to support the menopause with menus; recipes to take home.
• Daily cleansing techniques to detox the body
• Daily superfood supplements, tinctures & health teas to support you throughout the week
• An informative talk on hormone balancing and how to deal with menopausal symptoms
• A workshop on fermentation for optimal gut health - making sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kvass
• Cleansing instructions – how to perform skin brushing / Epsom salt bathing/clay packing/olive oil pulling / liver packing
• Fact sheets about herbs & supplements that are good for hormonal balance, soothing anxiety, promoting good sleep, developing strong bones

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Kaliyoga is located outside the market town of Orgiva where you will find whole food & hippy shops, cafes and a bustling outdoor market on Thursday mornings. There is also horse riding, great mountain walks, Moorish whitewash villages, beautiful beaches (35 mins drive) and paragliding for the adventurous. We are 50 minutes from the glittering Moorish city of Granada with its Alhambra Palace and Gypsy Flamenco quarter.

Strenuous workouts at the gym have been proven to produce unfavourable hormonal symptoms, whereas yoga fully supports your mental & emotional health, your spiritual well-being and your relationships. You name it, we’ll inspire it!

During the week you will learn how to re-balance your body – especially your hormonal, nervous and endocrine systems. You will have deeply nourishing whole food meals, experience self-nurturing meditation sessions and yoga classes specially designed to make you feel fully present and not over-stimulated. You will also learn how balanced hormones and optimal gut health contribute to overall health and weight control. There will also be ample opportunity for massage and healing treatments designed to inspire you to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

During other evenings, you are free to retreat or socialise as you wish. We have a cosy sitting room and a snug to curl up and relax with a good book. Or why not go for an evening stroll in the campo, or stroll into Orgiva, our local market town.


The Secret to Hormonal Health is in your Gut

take care of your body and detox at kaliyoga retreats spain


“The unique retreat helping women find answers to menopause misery”
by BBC Woman's Hour producer Georgina Hewes. 
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There is a great deal of research and testing that shows that hormonal health – from teenage to mid-life crisis and beyond – can be helped by balancing your blood sugar and supporting your adrenal glands. So, throughout this week we will be offering you a diet of slow-burning nourishment that achieves precisely that.

We will be utilising intelligent nutrition by way of mixing complete protein with high-quality fats in combination with wholesome vegetables to help reduce hot flushing, balance energy and support your sleep. Herbal helpers also can play a role in restoring balance and nourishing the body – some that you will know, such as nettle and others that are more exotic.

To regain balance in our hormone levels we often need to support elimination through detoxification and reduce our everyday stresses. We have compiled a program of soothing techniques to help tired adrenals, frazzled brains, and sluggish livers, to enable you to have all the tools to continue on your journey at home.

The food at Kaliyoga will delight and amaze you. Our gourmet vegetarian cuisine is light, gluten free, vegan/coeliac friendly, deeply nourishing and health promoting for the gut and weight management and yet absolutely delicious.

The menu during this week is designed around enhancing your wellbeing and balancing hormones. You will also have the chance to learn about and try which supplements can support this important time in your life.

And with three generous meals per day, you will never go hungry and we can also work around most dietary issues.


Yoga and Meditation

mindful hormone balance kaliyoga retreats

Under the expert guidance of our in-house teachers Lely and Arantza, you will acquire tools and confidence to build a yoga practice that you can take home. Our yoga method can be applied to all styles of yoga, rather than focusing solely on stretching and shape-making. Physical stability and strength are balanced with mindful tranquility, so, rather than trying to perfect the external shapes of yoga, your yoga experience becomes a meditation in motion.

In the mornings there will be a 2-hour yoga class, preceded by a guided half-hour meditation and in the evenings 1.5 hours. The week culminates with a fun partner yoga session on Friday evening and a self-practice session on Saturday morning.

Because we teach yoga as mindfulness rather than exercise, we do not grade you in terms of your ability. Everyone is welcome, whether novice or experienced.


Time for Self-Care

You are welcome to sunbathe by the pool, read in a hammock, catch up on some guilt-free sleep, or go for a walk in the beautiful Alpujarra mountains (we have walking maps, or a walking guide can be arranged). If you want to sleep in and miss a yoga class, that’s fine too.


Therapeutic Treatments

Our hand-picked holistic therapists are available every afternoon to attend to your needs. They can help you to free yourself from whatever might be holding you back; and most importantly of all, the powerful combination of yoga classes and holistic therapy sessions re-connects elements of yourself that may have floated away without you even realising.


Wednesday: Half Day

After morning yoga we serve a hearty brunch at 11 am, then you are free to do as you please. Options for the day could be a trip to the picturesque Alpujarra village of Pampaneira and waterfall nearby (3800 feet / 1000 metres above sea level). Or you could visit the Alhambra Palace in Granada. If you would prefer to dine out on Wednesday evening, we can arrange a taxi to our local town Orgiva (10 min). Alternatively, you may prefer to learn new skills in a kitchen tutorial and the food you create will be your evening meal (space limited to 8 people).


Evening talks / Things to Do and See

orgiva andalucia spain kaliyoga retreats

On two evenings we have informative talks; one from our nutritional therapist who will inspire you to re-boot your daily diet once you get home with nourishing, energising and balancing foods and on another we explore how you can create a more holistic and balancing lifestyle for this special.


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November 4
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