Effects Of Yoga Lasts For Weeks And Weeks

Effects Of Yoga Lasts For Weeks And Weeks

One of the things I’ve noticed when talking to our guests after their Kaliyoga retreat is how they have changed compared with when they first arrived. Guests always feel more relaxed, happier and look healthier – but more interestingly most people claim that the benefits and effects of yoga last for weeks and weeks, or even months afterwards.

\"effectsJenny was one of our first-timer guests at Kaliyoga France last year, and this morning she phoned us to make a booking at our lovely new venue in Apulia, southern Italy. She said her reason for coming back is that she’s feeling the stress of work and life creeping in again. She felt good for so many weeks after her first retreat and now she craves another dollop of peace and love. “I\’ve had tantalising flashes of feeling awake, aware and at total peace with the world,” she told me, “but as soon as I try to get the feeling back, life always seems to get in the way. I tried writing gratitude lists and doing the odd yoga session, but chasing the feeling was a continual effort.

As described by Jenny…

“I’d never been on a retreat before so I had no idea what I’d be tapping into. The week at Kaliyoga was fantastic – gorgeous food, great company, exotic location – but it’s the long-lasting positive after-effect that I wasn\’t expecting. I found the peace I was looking for and it kept me feeling ‘awake’ for several weeks. I felt completely grounded and yet I was flying higher and for way longer than even my most memorable holiday – and I wasn’t even fazed by the stress of my high-pressure job. I felt like I was floating above it all, looking down on it and nothing felt as intense as it did before. Nothing was life-threatening and I took everything in my stride.

“In just one week at Kaliyoga, I found a way to access the kind of peace that I’d spent so much time searching for.”

We get loads of similar feedback from other guests, so it’s not just a one-off either. Jenny’s enthusiasm has really touched us all and I wanted to share this with you. I feel so proud of Kaliyoga because when you’re running your own business you can sometimes lose sight of the good that you’re doing and the help that you’re giving to people. When guests tell us about how their yoga journey, it is a great source of inner joy for us too. Just like a yoga retreat.

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