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What IS Yoga?

It is no surprise that Yoga has lasted thousands of years. Nor is it any surprise that its popularity is surging. Pop stars, waiters, actors, secretaries, lawyers, doctors, car mechanics, housewives, athletes – yoga appeals to everyone. It is no longer a cranky pursuit. Instead it is fast becoming the …

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My Amazing Yoga Experience

My Amazing Yoga Experience I have just had the most amazing yoga experience. In a London yoga shala today the teacher didn\’t show up so the students had to think for themselves. “Shall we self-practice together?” I asked, then wished I hadn\’t, as the person to my left began the noisiest …

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Yoga Is More than Just Exercise!

Clearing the mind fog Yoga is more than just exercise, Yoga is also about claiming back one\’s ability to engage fully with life and a Kaliyoga retreat is a course in practical approach to good living. It is estimated that 95% of adult’s thoughts are repetitive subconscious memories involving past events and possible future …

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Unleash your creative qualities

Creative qualities are powerful inward expressions of human intelligence, but as a child you may have received career advice that \’pursuing artistic talent is a waste of time\’, or \’you\’ll never get a job being creative\’. It would have been given as benign advice, but with hindsight such guidance is …

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