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What IS Yoga?

It is no surprise that Yoga has lasted thousands of years. Nor is it any surprise that its popularity is still surging. Pop stars, waiters, actors and dictators – yoga appeals to everyone. It is no longer a cranky pursuit. Instead it is fast becoming the most sought-after of exercise …

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Food For Medicine And Pleasure

\”Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.\” Socrates At some time in our lives, most of us will encounter digestive discomfort. Sometimes that discomfort may be regular, or even persistent. Often we try to follow this or that diet, but readily slipping back into old food habits. …

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Reasons for Walking

Reasons for Walking Hello. My name is Rosie. I\’m the co-founder of Kaliyoga Retreats. I’d like to share with you the reasons why I love walking so much. For me, walking can be a meditation practice because it allows my thoughts to flow out of my head and into my …

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Unleash your creative qualities

Creative qualities are powerful inward expressions of human intelligence, but as a child you may have received career advice that \’pursuing artistic talent is a waste of time\’, or \’you\’ll never get a job being creative\’. It would have been given as benign advice, but with hindsight such guidance is …

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