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Bring back that Loving Feeling

Bring back that Loving Feeling

Spring is here and we should all be full of the joys, embracing the daffodils and marvelling at the wonder of life’s renewal. But its hard to feel wonder-full when we’re stuck in a subway tunnel with someone’s armpit wedged against our cheek and a weird-looking person clinging onto their backpack, nervously, as our co-passengers gawp numbly at their Instagram feed.

The genius of social media is that we are compelled to buy stuff to fulfill a hunger that scrolling fail to nourish. Advertisers profit by funding online platforms that validate the ‘followed’ and keep the followers wanting more. That might sound grim, but social media imagery is designed to keep us in a state of permanent inadequacy.

At Kaliyoga retreat europe, our mission is for you to disconnect from your devices in order to reconnect with yourself, not how you imagine people see you, but as you really are without all the limiting descriptions and without filtering your thoughts to be politically or socially correct.

A wiser investment than a normal holiday, a Kaliyoga holistic retreat in Spain offers you genuine rest from the ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’ critic in your head with that list of ‘things-I-must-achieve-to-be-my-best-self’ that leaves you exhausted and reaching for the Shiraz to shut out the whine.

Kaliyoga was voted by Tripadvisor one of the best yoga retreats in Europe and our best kept secret is our authentic approach to sustainable self care. We will feed you delicious meals, world class yoga tuition and tender, loving care in a stunning location. And, we will teach you how to nourish yourself with a healthy diet and give you a meditation and yoga sequence to practice on your own at home so that the vitality and emotional wellbeing you felt at Kaliyoga can be incorporated into your daily life. More than just a holiday, a Kaliyoga health retreat is a course in life enrichment.

Each week our guests report life-changing epiphanies that far exceed their expectations. Jen Grieves arrived without a particular agenda – other than a desire for good food, yoga and sun – but during the week our insightful team uncovered deeper questions that, once explored, allowed her to move forward with a fresh, positive perspective, freeing her from numerous setbacks.

“I was absolutely dumbfounded by the change in myself when I left Kaliyoga. I’d arrived thinking I wasn’t particularly stressed, angry or unhappy; knowing I enjoyed a vibrant, busy and plentiful life, but the benefits of stepping back from this for a week and looking within have changed me immeasurably. I experienced so much more than a holiday – I was a complete convert to a calmer, more holistic approach to life.” Jen Grieves, Hipandhealthy.com

The truth is that we all need time out to detox our bodies and rest our minds, not just by taking a break from Netflix, but really taking stock of our lives and dropping habits or behaviours that no longer serve us.

Please note that no activity at Kaliyoga is compulsory – your time is your own. We encourage you to follow your own rhythm and do what you feel like, rather than what you feel you should. For example, if you’re feeling tired and need to skip morning yoga in favour of resting in a hammock, just do it.

“The retreat detoxed me mentally and physically and I returned to the UK feeling lighter in my body and my mind. I didn’t go to the retreat with any particular intentions but I left feeling completely rejuvenated and ready for the next stage in my life. I adored the food, I loved the surroundings and settling down in my bedroom each evening was pure bliss. This was a profound experience for me, but it opened my eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.” Jess Ward

So what else differentiates Kaliyoga from the five other tabs you may have up on your screen? Well, after 17 years of experience we have gathered together a team of health professionals who are passionately devoted to giving our guests the space to relax, let go and make changes based on a fresh understanding of who they are and how they want to live.

Many people book a retreat with the aim of doing some exercise and losing a bit of weight. Whilst we can accommodate this aim with bells on, we will also take you deeper by giving you the confidence to ask yourself: ‘To what extent do my subconscious emotions contribute to my actions ie) over eating, constantly checking my phone or judging the way I look?’

Our food is vegetarian, nutrient dense and always gluten & sugar free. Guests take away valuable lessons on how eating the Kaliyoga way can improve physical health and decrease depression and anxiety. Our aim is to teach guests how to create and maintain a healthy gut biome in order for the nutrients we eat to work, so our bodies can heal. We have worked with clients from many different backgrounds and with many different health issues and nutrition can always make a difference, especially on our mental health.

“I’ve seen various nutritional therapists over the years to help me understand/manage various stomach/gut related issues, but I found Kaliyoga’s nutritionalist to be a class above the rest. The tailored information and recommendations she gave me really made a big difference to how I feel on a day to day basis. Janine Woodcock

At Kaliyoga we have a very high guest return rate and the reason is simple: we offer a transformational ‘whole-istic’ experience approached from the three key perspectives of the mind, body and breath. Meditation, yoga, and long walks for the mind; bespoke advice on nutrition with cleansing, nutrient-dense food for the body; and transformational holistic therapies to release emotional tension and give you a deeper understanding of the subconscious drives that dictates your actions.

“I have just returned from an amazing week at Kaliyoga, I was tired, stressed and had come to a cross roads in my life so I was seeking something relaxing but inspirational at the same time, Kaliyoga was the perfect choice. Having never practiced yoga before (but always enjoyed fitness) I was apprehensive as to how I would get on, but the yoga teacher was truly wonderful! She made me aware of how the mind affects the body and vice versa in ways that I never thought possible.” – Natalie Marcia.

Some people arrive at Kaliyoga with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially around the idea of spirituality, but they leave us with an experience of genuine self love, and whilst we don’t actively teach or promote any particular spiritual doctrine, people are surprised at the depth of their experience with us. We offer Aromatherapy, Reflexology, various types of Massage, McTimoney Chiropractic, Mind-Body Acupuncture, Quantum SCIO, Bio Magnetic Pair Therapy, Somatic Kinesiology, and Sound Healing.

We recently introduced a new group of guests to our sound therapist. Before the session began, most of the guests were cynical and they thought the idea of sound therapy was simply ridiculous. However the results were staggering.

“The session with Km was unlike anything I\’ve experienced before, and I left with a much clearer head, a brighter outlook and feeling like a mental weight had been lifted. I felt immediately connected to Kim and trusted her warm, direct and crazily accurate advice and observations.”  Scarlett Dixon @scarlettlondon

Kaliyoga is also a holiday where you can make new friends. People from all over the world and from all walks of life often travel to Kaliyoga on their own, or share their room with a friend or partner.

By the end of the week the shared experience will make you feel as though you are part of a family of people who have all experienced something special together.

“I walked away feeling like a weight had lifted and being in a group felt much more relaxing. It was comforting to know that we all had reason to be there and even without speaking felt more connected afterwards to each other and ourselves.”
Jessica Sheppard @coppergarden

We are committed to spreading Kaliyoga’s vision for authentic wellbeing. Do you know someone who could benefit from a Kaliyoga retreat? Kindly forward this newsletter to a friend in need and we will give them a free healing treatment during their first retreat with Kaliyoga. If you prefer to refer a friend anonymously, let us know by email and we will follow up without giving away your details : enquiry@kaliyoga.com

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