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What IS Yoga?

It is no surprise that Yoga has lasted thousands of years. Nor is it any surprise that its popularity is still surging. Pop stars, waiters, actors and dictators – yoga appeals to everyone. It is no longer a cranky pursuit. Instead it is fast becoming the most sought-after of exercise …

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Kaliyoga Welness & Yoga Retreat

Happy Birthday to Kaliyoga

This year Kaliyoga turns 20. Co-founder Rosie Miles looks back on its humble beginnings and marvels at how a pair of chaotic but well meaning hippies from London managed to co-create a yoga retreat with no previous experience, no business plan and no money. Rosie and Jonji, just met in …

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How to cope with bad feelings - Kaliyoga Blog

How to cope with bad feelings

Whether you’re alone or sharing your living space with friends or family, the strict measures to control Covid-19 have left many households in a state of stress and anxiety. If you’ve tried all the usual tips for keeping sane but life is still unbearable, this unusual guide is designed to …

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