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5 reasons why a yoga retreat is the best holiday for solo travellers

The very epitome of holistic wellbeing, rest, and relaxation, yoga retreats have become a popular holiday for solo travellers.

At a time when we’re encouraged to make meaningful time for ourselves and explore the world on our own terms, solo travel is a gift that keeps on giving. Beyond enjoying hair-raising adventures, solo travellers are now looking for experiences that ground them when they take a break from their daily lives.

If you’re wondering if you should hit up one of the many luxurious yoga retreats on your next solo sojourn, here are a few reasons why you should give it a shot.

Be warned, though - you may never want to come back home.

1. Yoga retreats help you reconnect with yourself

While this may sound like hipster jargon, one of the reasons why yoga has become so popular - now practised by approximately 300 million people, worldwide - is because it helps you disconnect from your worries and concerns and become more in-tune with who you are and what you want.

Self-exploration and self-awareness are often stifled by the constant demands of the outside world. When you take a step back and enter a serene and calming environment, you’re able to hear what your mind and soul are trying to tell you.

2. Yoga is a form of mental and physical exercise - perfect your technique at a retreat

Yoga is hailed all over the world for its twin benefits for mental and physical health.

Physically, this form of exercise is known to reduce blood pressure, protect your spine, and improve bone strength, among other benefits. Mentally, it can reduce stress and even has a positive effect on those struggling with anxiety and depression.

Given all these benefits, yoga retreats are a great place to learn the right technique and get started on a lifelong practice that can significantly increase your quality of life.

3. Learn while you rest 

Another reason why yoga retreats are the best kind of holiday for solo travellers? You can learn something valuable at your own pace, while you catch up on luxurious rest and relaxation.

As a solo traveller, you don’t need to worry about anyone’s time but your own. If you perceive each adventure as a learning opportunity, one of the greatest adventures you have could be a luxurious yoga retreat in the breathtaking regions of Italy and Spain, for example.

Master yoga techniques and take home something you will never forget or fail to make use of.

4. Yoga retreats give you both solitude and companionship

Just because you’re on a holiday for solo travellers doesn’t mean you don’t want company - in fact, you’d probably love to meet new people with diverse interests.

On a solo adventure, what’s important is to have time to yourself without being stifled without the company of other people.

Yoga retreats give you both of these in abundance, allowing you to decide whether you want time in relaxing solitude or friendly company. This kind of environment is perfect for not just learning, but enjoying the art that is yoga.

5. Yoga retreats help you kickstart healthier living 

If you’ve been struggling to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, a yoga retreat can set you on the right path.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with diet plans, rigorous exercise regimens, and other inclusion you probably think are essential, start healthier living while on the ideal holiday for solo travellers with a commitment to health and wellbeing - a yoga retreat.

Beyond its benefits for your physical and mental health, yoga can also instil the discipline you need to make important changes to your life.

6. Experience the best holiday for solo travellers on a Kaliyoga yoga retreat 

At Kaliyoga, our retreats in Puglia and Andalusia are the perfect holidays for solo travellers. Luxurious accommodation, delectable cuisine, and stunning views of some of the most beautiful locations in Italy and Spain - what more do you need?

Head to our site to find out more about how you can have the best kind of holiday for solo travellers. Many of our attendees have been unable to resist travelling to Spain and Italy, year after year.

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