An inevitable stage of menstrual health women between the ages of 45 and 55 experience, menopause is often associated with plenty of pain, discomfort, and unpleasantness. 

While mainstream media portrays this as a fate set in stone, this is far from the truth: In fact, there’s plenty of things you can do to ensure that your menopause is a more positive and uplifting experience.

If you’re approaching your menopause years or are already experiencing this stage of your life, don’t relinquish yourself to waking up with resentment or defeat. Here are a few things you can do to live your best life:


Start a gratitude journal

In the midst of our busy day-to-day lives, we take our thoughts for granted. After all, they’re always floating around, influencing how we perceive and tackle the things that happen to us and affecting our quality of life.

When we maintain a positive mindset – one that’s open and less resistant to what happens around us – we’re able to accept what comes our way and find the silver lining.

To make sure you put your best foot forward while you deal with the effects of menopause, maintain a gratitude journal and count all the things you’re thankful for. This will remind you that there’s so much more to life than what you’re experiencing and help you maintain a more positive mindset.


Go on a yoga retreat

Yoga is a form of exercise that has proven benefits for menopause, including reducing the tenor of symptoms like hot flashes, irritability and anxiety. In order to enjoy these effects, however, it’s crucial to understand which specific techniques and poses are beneficial for women with menopause. 

Beyond attending daily or weekly yoga sessions, you will find that tranquil and relaxing yoga retreats are immensely helpful in terms of addressing your symptoms and gearing your lifestyle for your new health status. 

In this process, choose retreats that are targeted at your experiences and needs. There are plenty of yoga retreats specifically for those experiencing menopause. Some are even conducted amidst the breathtaking scenery of Southern Spain!


Receive community support

Another way you can have more positive menopause is by surrounding yourself with support, especially the support of those who can understand and relate to what you’re going through.

You will find that by opening up to them and sharing common struggles and experiences, you don’t feel so isolated in what you’re going through. You may also find that you are a source of inspiration and strength to those around you, which can be incredibly uplifting in respect to your own menopause journey. 


Find reasons to laugh

Laughter and humour have always held a revered place when it comes to guaranteeing positive mental health. If you’re going through menopause and are finding ways of coping with your symptoms, find things that make you laugh.

Whether this means seeking the company of funny and positive people or watching your favourite comedic tv shows, indulge yourself in the therapeutic benefits of laughter and fill your mind with more positive thoughts and feelings.


Speak to a therapist

Another way to ensure you have a more positive menopause experience is to seek the support of a therapist if you’re finding it hard to cope.

Remember that speaking to a professional doesn’t mean that your family isn’t supportive enough or that you’re weak; it just means that you would like to manage your symptoms better and improve your outlook on life.

With the right guidance and support, you will find that coping with the stresses of menopause may become more manageable and less burdensome than before.


Experience more positive menopause with the right experiences – Kaliyoga is here to help

Menopause doesn’t have to be a prison sentence you yearn to escape from. By adopting the right techniques, you can manage your symptoms and control any of the negativity you feel.

At Kaliyoga, we organise yoga retreats entirely centred on dealing with the effects of menopause. We not only teach you effective yoga techniques but also get you started on a wholesome and nutritious diet that can help you feel like your best, most rejuvenated self.

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