Hormone Balance – a golden ticket to the real you.

    “Notice how grateful your organs feel now that you’re finally giving them permission to relax” intones the honey-voiced Lely, yogini incumbent at Kaliyoga in Spain, as ten women of a certain age sigh in unison, their bodies luxuriating over bolsters and under blankets with the intoxicating infusion of lavender and lime flower beckoning them to relax further.

    We’re only 5 hours in and I can already sense that the experiment is working – Kaliyoga’s new ‘Hormone Balancing’ retreat devoted to nourishing what naturopathy terms ‘the golden triangle’ – thyroid, adrenals & ovaries – that take the heft of the graft needed to balance the systems of the body during the ‘hormone activate’ epochs of a woman’s life – puberty, pregnancy, post partum, peri menopause and post menopause.

    “My teenage daughter would love it here” enthuses Jill, a menopausal pilates instructor from London “coz she’d finally ‘get’ how much we actually have in common!”

    That evening, over a glass of fizzy kombucha or Kaliyoga champagne – we bond over our shared symptomology, collapsing into giggles over some of the more ‘intimate’ challenges that we women face during this magical mystery tour known as the ‘change of life.’ Volcanic sweats during work presentations, bewildering hair growth in random places, sobbing uncontrollably over the Andrex puppy and the grossly unjust ‘desert of netherland.’

    Kaliyoga’s nutritional therapist Becs and Lelly offer their wealth of experience to guide us through our individual Forests of Grimm and onto the tranquil shores of endocrine equilibrium.

    “It’s not that far to feeling OK again..” says Rebecca. “if only we remember to avoid the Evil S’s – sugar and stress – that send cortisol levels soaring, and support our gut with nourishing foods like berries, seeds, bone broth, wild fish & leafy greens and cruciferous veg. A balanced gut biome leads to boosted serotonin levels in the brain which spells the end for brain fog.”

    Every morning we watch the sunrise together, a band of sisters in cosy blankets united by cups of nettle and horsetail tea – packed with minerals & antioxidants – plus a tincture of chlorella and camu camu.

    With our Vitamin C levels boosted, our blood cleansed and our bones fortified, we skip down to yoga where Lelly leads us through a pleasurable (and easy to remember) yoga sequence designed to challenge our ‘addiction to intensity’ and re-programme our nervous systems towards profound daily relaxation.

    Long, sun drenched walks through olive and orange groves help to ‘bed down’ the wisdom gained by sessions with Kaliyoga’s talented healers. Sessions designed to help us drop the whiny ‘would have, could have, should have’ monologue and allow ourselves to follow the dreams that may have lain dormant for decades under layers of financial and emotional obligation.

    On the last day, over chia and almond porridge with superfood topping, we bask in the glow of each other’s reflected happiness, enjoying luxurious hugs and vowing to return towing husbands who long to stop trying so hard, daughters oppressed by exam stress and Insta-perfect imagery, and younger sister-mothers whose sole ambition in life may simply be a good nights sleep..

    Rosie Miles, Co Founder of Kaliyoga Retreat

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    Hormone Balance: Women on the verge of a nervous breakthrough

    by Rosie Miles, co-founder of Kaliyoga Retreats