Natural Healing

Our natural health treatments are explained in detail at the beginning of your retreat and if you want some help in choosing which therapies to book, we can give some guidance, though the choice will be yours. 

We can give you information about how the different therapists work and the possible effects of the treatments. Choosing by instinct and trusting when the choice feels right is the best way because it enables the therapist to work more deeply if necessary. 

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 Digital Detox

Managing your online devices

On a yoga retreat it is good practice to switch mobile devices off or use flight-mode during mealtimes, yoga classes and at the pool. Switching off at other times can support everyone who wishes to unplug mentally from being online 24-7. When you need to make a call or connect to the web whilst on retreat, please connect in your room, or in the library, or find a quiet spot in the garden.



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