It is advisable to read everything on this page before you make your travel plans



We arrange a Shared Taxi Service from and to Bari Airport and Bari Central Train Station (see meeting point images below.) Journey time Bari to retreat = approx. 75 mins Cost €40 each way

ARRIVAL (Sunday): Usually there are two transfer times: 1pm and 4.30pm, but these may vary slightly depending on when the majority of the group arrives. We will do our best to coordinate these times to meet as many flights or trains as possible, otherwise you will need a Private Transfer (see below).

DEPARTURE  (Saturday): Shared Taxi services will usually leave Kaliyoga either at 9.30am (arriving at Bari airport @11am), or, for those with later flights, a shared taxi can be arranged to leave Kaliyoga at, or before 12noon.



If your flight or train arrival times mean you are NOT able to meet the Shared Taxi Times from Bari, we can arrange a Private Taxi Transfer. Please give at least 24 hours notice to arrange. Typical cost will be around €100, one way, although of course if there are two or more others arriving at similar times to you then Shared Taxi costs could apply. 


In case flights from your departure city don't land at a time that suits our Shared Taxi times, we suggest you arrive a day early and spend a night in Bari, then enjoy a leisurely morning before meeting our driver at lunchtime on Sunday, either at Bari airport, or at Bari central railway station.


Most people fly to Bari, which is why our Shared Taxis depart from this city, but if you are flying to Brindisi, or arriving from another town in the region, like Matera, Lecce, Polignano etc, we can also arrange private transfers for you. Likewise if you are getting the train to our local town Martina Franca, we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up from there (there are no taxi’s waiting at the station).


Transfer Booking & Confirmation

Kindly forward your flights and mobile phone number to our logistics team at this email address:

All guests will receive a re-confirmation email one week before your arrival date.