Xmas survival tips

Posted by admin2556 on October 22, 2013

How to survive the Christmas Holidays

Oh. My. God. Christmas is coming. I don't know about you but every year I feel increasingly daunted by the inevitable christmas obligations that no one EVER seems to challenge -

1. feeling guilty because I failed to send any christmas cards - again;
2. Standing goggle eyed in the supermarket having to choose between a hundred different types of minced pie.
3. Rushing around in the cold hunting for presents that no one really wants or needs.
4. Feeling responsible for the mountain of non-recyclable plastic packaging that I know will end up strangling the poor fishies of the ocean.
6. Having to sit through Strictly Come Dancing Xmas Special just to avoid awkward conversation with awkward family members.
7. Feeling obliged to stuff yourself with heavy foods that make you feel tired and bloated.

Ahhh the list goes on and on....

Lets face it people, Christmas has become one long commercial bully-fest from beginning to end.

But what if things were different?  What if this year you said 'Baubles to Christmas!' and gave yourself the best christmas present ever?

A Christmas Retreat at Kaliyoga (Spain) 6 nights from Sunday, 22nd - Saturday, 28th December.

Sure, there's delicious winter feasting including (optional!) minced pies and mulled Norfolk punch, long, chatty walks under crisp blue skies, sinfully scrumtious raw chocolate workshop and even a home made decoration or two; and there's also daily yoga & meditation, dancing by candlelight, chanting by the fire, midnight dips in the jacuzzi or early morning swim and sauna plus a host of life changing holistic therapies to choose from.

You can go horse riding on a mountain top ranch, see the wonderful Alhambra Palace in Granada or visit a local Bodega and sample their wonderful Andaluz produce including Chorizo, Manchego and Rioja for those bon viveurs amongst you.

So this year why not take a rain check from Simon Cowell and Sainsburies and come and celebrate the real spirit of christmas with like minded friends in gorgeous scenery where you will sing, dance, laugh and stretch and, most important of all, re-connect with your inner self to begin 2014 from a place of deep peace and lasting joy.