Spring Yoga Intensive

Posted by admin2556 on December 11, 2014

A Weekend Yoga Course with Tashidawa in London

21st and 22nd March 2015

10am - 6pm


PRICE - £185 


The Redmond Community Centre
Kayani Avenue, 
London, N4 2HF 


Join Tashidawa for a weekend of yoga practice and workshops to enjoy and explore the mind/body/breath connection. The weekend intensives include a mixture of invigorating and restorative yoga classes, workshop-style sessions, breath work sessions and meditations.

Tashi's insightful teaching helps us to explore how yoga postures, breath work and meditation rejuvenates and improves our ability to live and think well. This is a chance to check-in with our lives, reconnect to our bodies, and gain emotional insight and skill-fullness through yoga techniques.

The morning mindful yoga practice includes invigorating yoga sequences that strengthen, tone, detoxify, and stimulate the various systems of our bodies. The afternoon restorative yoga practice is more settled and offers the space and time for renewal; to detoxify and restore our vital energy.


Tashi will also lead us through breathing techniques that we can each use at home. Changing our breathing can improve the quality of our daily life; nourishing the blood, improving clarity of mind, promoting good digestion, enhancing sleep, and innumerable other benefits.

The guided meditation techniques will also offer tools to understand the impact that our thoughts and experiences have on our bodies in our daily life. We'll gain a stronger sense of clarity about our intentions, daily actions and decisions and it may help us become more confident and authentic in our lives.

The daily yoga practice routine that will be taught  by Tashi helps keep the winter blues away. 

This weekend offers a daily sequence for you to take home and practice with lots of expert tips from Tashi to get the most out of the practice. 

The intensive is suitable for anyone who wants to:

  • practice yoga regularly, but doesn't know where to start
  • gain a greater understanding of themselves and
  • gain the motivation and context for personal transformation
  • find out more about yoga, beginners are welcome

Regular yoga practice offers:

  • Better immune function as we boost natural healing abilities and better digestion
  • More energy, vitality and a greater sense of wellbeing
  • Better sleep and less stress as we improve the coordination between mind and body
  • Increased concentration, creativity and intuition


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