Kym's love letter from Provence

Posted by admin2556 on June 18, 2014

A letter from one of our lovely managers in France, some full moon magic and a lot of love.

11.30 and everyone safely tucked up in bed.  Only five people went out for supper tonight so Mirin tom and I cooked for the rest of our family.  I am sooooo the mother hen right now, end absolutely loving every minute of it.
We cooked a fab lunch, afterwards some of the guests went for a wander through the woods and Tom showed them a loveely walk.  We celebrated their walk with ginger tea, banana loaf and apricot preserve.  Then I shared my secret stash of chocolate with them as a reward. 

Tonights entertainment for those who stayed. Last night I could not sleep as I was concerned about the one guy who was concerned about the internet, so at 4.00am I composed a song which I sang to him after breakfast this morning whilst I danced with him.  

When everyone left, we got all the cushions and put then down on the grass by the back of the pool and served drinks and snacks before supper.   Mirin got her guitar and Tashi made me sing my song to them.  I talked a bit about how we were all feeling the heaviness of the 'internet' crisis and how it had changed the energy within the space and then I sang my song, while everone harmonised with my vegetable song singing as the chorus, "where are the mung beans? where are the mung beans baby"? You must ask Tashi, even she started the singing!!  It was so funny and I got an applause before going off to prepare supper with the wonderful team.  We all sat at the table for hours and nobody seemed to want to go off to bed.  Finally after everyone opening up and letting go of some of their 'stuff', we all moved up to the kitchen for tea and lavender oil bags to put on our pillows, Ive been ripping up lots of sheets to soak them in my secret sleeping remedy.  Everyone has been having such amazing and vivid dreams which tonight, everyone opened up about.

What fun.  Have just spent and hour with a lovely girl who is splitting up with her long term boyfriend and she ended up crying in my arms.  I did what I thought best and gave her loads of trashy magazines and a hot chocolate, lets see how she is in the morning, I may take her with me to Cereste to buy vegetables.  By the way, the guys who stayed tonight, they actually wanted to help us set the table, and I made Lynn show everyone how to fold napkins in an origami kind of way which everyone thought was hilarious.  What a great bunch that have turned out to be.  This really is, as everyone has described a magical place.  It does wonders for everyone, especially me. I cant thank you enough for letting me be part of this experience. Everyone chilled and not looking forward to returning to planet earth.
Nite nite.
PS we all have a rendez vous thursday morning on the hill at 4.30am to watch the full moon.  Its going to be inspiring x