Lost In Yoga

Posted by admin2556 on March 7, 2016

I just had the most amazing experience.

On the yoga shala today I found myself side by side with a fellow student who is totally unaware of how disturbingly loud and heavy her Ujjayi breath is.

“Shall we practice together” she asked?
I anticipated the prospect of a peace-less yoga practice and studied my feet for a while.

“O…K” I said.

And so we launched into our sun salutations and sure enough her breathing was as deafening and as dying donkey-like as ever.

But as the din began to permeate my energy sheath (whatever the heck that means), and I felt my mouth and anus tightening, I took a deeeeeeep breath and made a conscious choice not to react with irritation, because I was so desperate to relax on this grey Monday morning and to protect my bodimind from the tension that my fellow practitioner was unwittingly creating in her bodimind.

And as a result I enjoyed a blissful, peaceful practice.

And as I sashayed to my car I marvelled at the fact that, because I’d chosen not to give in to my usual reaction of intense irritation, I had avoided conflict and proved to myself that I wasn’t an intolerant harpie after all.

"And that's magic Debbie Mcgee"